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09-26-2005, 12:49 AM
I have enabled people to post pictures in 2 manners.
#1 if the file is hosted somewhere else you can add that in.
To do that:
Right click on a image and select \"copy image address\" (Or something like that).
Then begin typing your post. When you are at a place where you want to add that image hit the (IMG) button at top. paste the image in and then hit the (IMG) button again. In the bracket after you hit the img button [img=150] change that so it is 350-500 so that we can see the pictures.

#2 the second manner by which you can post a image is to select at the bottom \"Select Image file to attach\" choose your image. It must be smaller than 500 PX x 800 PX and less than 500 KB. I have increased the maximum file size from 50kb to 500. usually they will be under 200kb. IF you save a jpeg at 8 in PS you will be fine.
After you have selected the image click img button at the bottom near where it says choose file.

#3 to place in a URL to another site, not a image. At the top click (URL) then place the link, and then hit (URL) again.

#4 also, it is said above already:
please take care the image fits in the forum layout!
this means, not wider than 499 pixels.
you can resize on the fly using the [ img size = XXX ] tag, so you do not have to resize your imaghe itself.

please, do the same for long URLs, the [ url = http://insert URL here ] tag can be used for that.

(tags without spaces of course.)

without the above guidelines, the layout will be screwed up.

First Light
09-26-2005, 11:31 AM
I don\'t understand your [ url = ] instructions. Please provide a complete example. If I understand the tag\'s purpose, it allows you to attach a hidden link to any word or phrase, thereby enabling you to link a long URL to a short word or phrase.

Remember, for some strange reason many of the features of your message form do not work on my computer so I have to hand code everything. When I enter a URL I surround it with: [ url ] http://www.whatever.com [ /url ]. Of course, the spaces are omitted.


First Light
09-26-2005, 11:34 AM
Interesting. It appears from both our messages that all you have to do is preface a phrase with \"h t t p : / / \" with no spaces to cause everything to the next space to be transformed into a link.

09-26-2005, 12:38 PM
The [ url= ] [ /url ] code enables you to hyperlink words in between the code with any url specified.

For example [ url=http://www.fourthirdsphoto.com ] Four Thirds [ /url] will show up as Four Thirds (http://www.fourthirdsphoto.com).

First Light
09-26-2005, 11:56 PM
Thanks gunnerx for illustrating the syntax. I\'ll make good use of this tag in the future to avoid long and messy URLs in the middle of a message.

10-30-2005, 09:41 AM
I figured out how I double post.
When I hit the back button on my mouse, it Double posts for me. If I don\'t its ok. So rule of thumb for me, don\'t hit back button. :)