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10-21-2005, 10:13 AM
aka Brambo

This is the about me page (http://www.fotobram.nl/aboutme.htm) on my website: http://www.fotobram.nl


The above camera is a Fuji Finepix S602Z.
I sold that one some time ago.

I have read some other \"about me\'s\" here now and I see that my story is like many others.

I started with photography long ago. Chinon, Praktika LTL before I earned some money to buy the OM1, OM2 OM4 stuff with about 5 or six lenses and the flash system.
Did some developing as well. Ilfospeed B&W and Cibachrome colour.
Discovered cycling as a hobby and did a lot of cycling holidays abroad. You can imagine that all this gear on a bicycle is not very practical, so I decided that I needed smaller gear. Cannot even remember what I tried. In the digital domain I remember Nikon Coolpix 850 and the last non DSLR was the above S602Z.

Apart from the analogous DSLR, I never liked these camera\'s very much, so my photo-hobby was gradually fading away. Also because of the fact that I need spectacles now.

Then came the sub $ 1000 DSLR\'s and of course I went for the Oly (E300)
End of the story I re-enjoy photography now. The only true camera is a SLR for me.:P

And the CPU has replaced the chemicals.

06-06-2006, 07:43 AM
Since the above seems a little outdated here are some new links to my website http://fotobram.nl

About me:
My gear:
[url]http://fotobram.nl/wordpress203/?page_id=6 (http://fotobram.nl/WordPress/?page_id=39)

edit: 9 june - restructured my website

Also I have added a "highlights album" to my gallery:
http://www.fotobram.nl/gallery2/v/highlights/ (http://www.fotobram.nl/gallery2/v/highlights/)

At the moment it presents what I consider my top 9 photos.
What do you think ? Is 9 too little or too much or do you think it is a silly idea anyway http://www.photocamel.com/Smileys/animated/grin.gif ??

Garry Frankel
06-06-2006, 09:07 AM
Those are 9 exceptional pictures. I don't think that is too many as the come up first as thumbs and then folks can drill into what they want.

well done.