View Full Version : Legacy Lenses Zuiko OM 85mm F2.0

01-16-2006, 11:31 PM

OK, not a great photo, but it shows the potential of this lens. I bought mine overseas nearly 30 years ago. Lightweight, fast short telephoto ideal for portraiture. Manual Focus and Exposure of course, but it's actually kinda fun. Needs a tripod and some patience to bring out its best efforts, but you can say that about a lot of lenses. I haven't experienced any problems at the the extreme aperture settings that are mentioned in the OM adaptor instructions, but remember that this lens can't talk with your camera. Once familiar with old school manual operation, this lens could be an ideal street portrait lens, it's perfect for candid shots. So:

Pros: Light, fast, sharp and usually inexpensive.

Cons: Manual focus and exposure (I think a Katz focus screen would really help) and Shallow DOF.

Disclaimer: Author is crusty Olympus curmudgeon who may not be totally objective about favorite old camera stuff. S/F