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02-24-2006, 10:39 PM
My name is Assaf Peretz, i'm a Curator Assistant in the israeli antiquity authority (and now i can call it IAA). I came here after surfing fora few months in the drpeview Oly DSLR forum and saw a link to this website. Besides some strange events in there i had a really good time in there and i hope i will have the same just as herer (a much better forum layout is already a huge plus).

in the past 9 years i found myself more and more intrested in photography and in the past 2 years i started to look at it in a more serious manner. i never studdied photograpy and sadly i never had the money to buy a serious SLR camera but things are changing slowly. I got my workplace to realize that they need a good digital camera and i actualy convinced them to spend some money and to buy, about 7 months ago, an olympus E-300 with the two kit lenses and the macro f2 50mm lense. since then i'm studing slowly (with the help of some of the dpreview oly dslr members, and our department photographer).

most of the time i'll be just reading and when i'll post it will be (in most cases) a thread that will include what am i doing wrong on his title.


02-25-2006, 02:50 AM
many of us came here from the other forum :).