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Robert E.
02-26-2006, 10:50 AM
Hi everyone. Just came over from that other forum. Won't mention
any names, but you all know which one i'm talking about.

I too was into photography many years ago and let it slide for various
reasons. I played around with my wifes Kodak digital camera for three
years or so before i finally took the plunge and bought the E-500 dual
lens kit in the middle of Jan. (14-45,40-150)I really like the camera
and the host of options for adjusting almost everything. Now if i can
get a little past this steep learning curve then I might be able to actually
make use of a few of its features. LOL I've been snapshooting for
so long now i find I have to think about the camera i'm using and how
i can utilize certain features to get a particular shot and make it better.
It's a bad habit to have to overcome.:>) I'm working on it though.
Hopefully given enough practise i'll be able to develop some new
(better) Habits that are more inline with the equipment i'm using.
I'm having fun working at it though and maybe get a pic or two
worth posting sometime soon.

Have a nice day
Robert Edie

02-26-2006, 01:20 PM
As you will shortly notice, many (and I mean many of the key posters from "you know where") are now over here. Now that doesn't mean that they've abandoned their previous posting habits, but it does signal a shift to other ideas and formats. This place is great - and as some have remarked - kind of like the way the Oly forums were some 4 - 5 years ago when civility, camaraderie (in regards to Oly products), and info sharing were all the order of the day. All it takes is getting used to - which is no big deal because we're all creatures of habit. If you force yourself to check in here daily, you will soon become accustomed to the layout, the faces (and I do mean faces...as it's nice in most cases to see a glimpse of the faces of the posters here). Plus the editing and formatting options are superb.

So welcome aboard...