View Full Version : Hey from another North Carolinian

02-26-2006, 06:51 PM
Hey all. I too am another frequent lurker "over there" who has joined the exodus. Nice to see so many respected members join here over the last week. Currently I'm still shooting with my trusty C-3020, but hopefully sometime in the next few months I'll pick up a 330. I'm eager to see how the reviews pan out, but it looks great so far though.

Thanks Tony for the site. It sure seems great. And it will be fun to have Panny and Leica folks on a forum as well, and not just us Olys.

02-26-2006, 08:12 PM
meaning, both from dpreview and of course, from North Carolina. What part of the state are you in? I'm in Fuquay Varina (geeezzz, what a name for a town, eh), which is 15 minutes south of Raleigh.

I'm kind of worn out greeting everyone - but it is really nice to see the gang slowly, but surely filter on over. And like I said before (in what seems like my hundredth time saying it), give this site a chance. At first it will appear...well, different only because we've been accustomed the simple posting techniques over at dpreview. But what will occur is that as you get accustomed to this place, you will learn to appreciate its features - especially formatting options, editing capabilities (long after you've posted), and so much more.

The only thing missing (and I think the main reason people keep posting at dpreview) are the announcements about product releases. Beyond that...when you think about it, 99% of our times were spent on the forums. So when you look at it in this light, you will find this format vastly superior. So force yourself to visit here at least once a day (or when you normally visit the forums), and you will gradually get accustomed to this site. When you do get used to it, dpreview will seem...well, like a simpleton site...really.

Anyway, welcome aboard and when you do post at dpreview, casually (not formally) mention this site and how great it is seeing many of the gang coming over here.