View Full Version : Legacy Lenses Nikkor MF300 f4.5 IFED

03-07-2006, 11:32 AM

I just received Nikkor adapter, so I can try few manual lenses
Adapter is from China (Cirrus) and is of good quality, with
few modification, mainly about lens release lock, it would be even better.

Today I briefly evaluate my longest lens 300 IFED/4.5 on E-1
This is fine lens for Olympus E system because it is small and handy.
(something like this should be available from Olympus for sure)

I made a few snaps and it performed fairly good (well...good enough for an amateur). Focusing is somehow easy but nevertheless it require some
practicing, as well as hand holding (mixed success - hit/mis)
At some circumstances it exhibit just a bit CA or fringing,

but this issue require some further examination (I test a little with and without Kaiser Sky filter but not sure if it significantly degrade picture quality).

I'm almost positive that this lens will benefit by some gaffering at exit pupil (is this right term?)

Regards, Robert

PS:More Nikkors to test:
24/2.8 ais
micro 55/2.8 ais
75-150/3.5E (well, I tried it already - sharp and positively smooth)