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03-18-2006, 04:41 AM
Hello Tony,

1st off, great site. Thanks for giving 4/3rds users a new home to lurk in. :worship:

Some general very personal impressions and comments (ie these are not criticisms as I am sure most will disagree):

1. Tighten up the line spacing. I hate scrolling! Personally I would like the bolded thread headings a couple point sizes smaller - highlighting makes the headings easy enough to read and spot. And the line separators between headings could be tighter too - lots of wasted space there!

2. Ditto the thread listing. Would like a "compressed hybrid" display option with a more compressed post banner, smaller fonts etc. (Adjusting the zoom on the browser works somewhat but then there are other lines in the view which were plenty small to begin with that get reduced too much! ...is it possible to please such a grump!) It's this scrolling thing again...

3. I like the topic separation of the forum. This was always (I felt) a weakness of the "other" site. Yet there are times I just want to peak and see what's happening here in general. A catchall section that lists all threads specific to 4/3rds topics (eg tech, darkroom, critique, photos, maybe even buy/sell and about me) would provide a general view of the activity here and save moving between topics. Allow replying to threads here but not to post new threads - keep posters starting new threads in the appropriate forum topic sections. Of course, as this site matures and the thread count increases, it may then be preferable to go to the appropriate site to manage sifting through all those new posts :)

Just some thoughts. It's a great place. I look forward to many more 4/3rds users finding this community. It's great to not have trolls from other camera users spill in here.

Keep up the good work,

03-18-2006, 11:44 AM
1.,2.Well templates can always change... We will see about that.
For 3. go up to quick links and select todays posts, then you can see everything that happened in the last 24 hours at least.


03-18-2006, 12:35 PM

What can I say... You're a step ahead of me! The "new posts" feature is great. My only wish for that would be a means to configure the number of days for the filter, say, up to one week? (though, one day certainly would meet most folks needs).