View Full Version : The Basics (PLEASE READ)

03-24-2006, 01:50 PM
Everybody: Welcome!
I hope to be able to provide an outlet for some of your's creative streaks and at the same time challenge you. The idea is to have a monthly contest and one that adheres to a Theme. A theme stretches your efforts and perhaps will motivate you to shoot something that you may not have otherwise thought of shooting. I'm hoping its both fun and a good learning tool.

So here are the details of this new monthly contest.

We will hold a vote to select the next months theme the last week of each month.

Only photo's shot during that month will be considered for the final vote, we don't want to recycle old stuff - even if it is great and towards that the exif data has to be included with the upload.

The idea is to learn and to develop so post as many times as you want. Hopefully you can get feedback and try out different ideas or different versions of a shot.

I would suggest sticking to a naming format such as May contest - name of picture. So for example we would see something titled like May - flowers or June contest- early morning .... you know to keep it somewhat standard and less confusing.

When towards the end of the month you have selected the very best entry enter it with this title. Put the month and the words contest and the line final submision in the title. That is how we will know that that is the picture. So a final selection would read for example "April contest - Final #1"
I'm not sure about this next part yet so I'm soliciting feedback but I was thinking that two final entries for each month per person would be a nice ballance between flexibility and narrowing the submisions down to a reasonable amount. What do you think? Should it be only one ... or perhaps three?Edit: We have decided to go with two

Anyway for this next month I thought we'd aim for two and see how it goes.

So at the end of the month we will have a panel of judges select the best 5-10 entries and then we will put the finalists up for a vote to all of you.

The winning entry will receive a prize. I think the best part is that your winning shot will go up on the front page of this site for a week. I'm also going to try to slip in a small prize each month to reward the winner with something useful ( possibly :)) Since the next month is April ... I'm planning to let the winner choose between a SanDisk ultra 2 512meg card in either a compact flash or secured digital format. Heck it's spring! :) Gotta make it something pretty good.

But of course the prizes are secondary to the main benefit - the fun, the camaraderie and the learning.

OH .. and of course any 4/3 camera is welcome to compete :)

I'm also wondering where the best place for the entries that you want comments on is? I plan to check the critique forum and this forum as well - but the final submissions should definitely go right in here.
We will refine this as we discover what works best and based on input back from you.

If you have any suggestions please either PM me ... or even better just post it right here.

I've got my fingers crossed that this is something that some of you have been waiting for -and that it takes off and becomes popular. So good luck and happy shooting!