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Knight Palm
03-26-2006, 01:00 AM
Although a 4GB SanDisk Extreme III or similar brand will mostly let me take all the RAW+SQ-JPEGs I need for a day, I still sometimes need to empty or unload the CF card to another storage media. Either I need to have with me a Laptop or access to a PC with CD/DVD burning capabilities. Therefore a PDS (Personal Data Storage) could be the way to go, as an alternative to bringing a Laptop PC.

Still the PDS is slow with a direct connection to my E-300, and for an E-1 user, I am not aware of a firewire connection to a PDS either. Maybe Apple has one IEEE-1394 that is useful. In near future I am hoping for Wireless USB though, once we get the standard for MBOA UWB settled.

Using a dedicated PDS for photo only, would for me be only very few times a year, so instead I have been looking for alternative products. Then I found this Mobile Multimedia Jukebox from DViCO, TViX Mini C-2000U. However, there are several other similar brands available on the market like the Iomega ScreenPlay, LaCie SilverScreen, Freecom Media Player, Rapsody RSH-250. I expect this segment to grow fast, and one local proof is that after showing my TViX to firends, already a handful of those have went purchasing the same model. So I can recommend this device also to my photo friends here.


Has USB 2.0 OTG (On-The-Go) to identify and download pictures (but slowly) from my E-300 camera.
Emptying my 4GB CF card goes extremely fast using an external CF adapter (recommended).
Viewing JPEG Photos on an external TV.
Viewing Movies on external TV using as a DVD Jukebox.
Listening to music via the Music Server.
Takes any 2.5" IDE disk drives, say 20GB to 160GB.
Connects and takes power via the USB to the PC, for use as an external hard disk.Cons:

No built in display, but the LEDs for the status works fine.
No built in battery, but a 5V adapter for 110-230V or a separate for 12V in the car works fine.
No shock absorbtion rubber mount for the internal hard disk.Ref:

04-07-2006, 05:27 AM
Hi Knight Palm,

interesting device. However, it is not clear to me how you operate it without a display. How do you for example browse the files or play music? What external devices do you need?

It would be nice if you could elaborate a bit on the user-friendliness in the field.

Cheers, Jens.

Knight Palm
04-07-2006, 09:01 AM
You have all the major functions displayed by the 13 LEDS, and controlled by 6 push-buttons on the side. More functions are available via the remote control, and then you can operate the device like a DVD player, connected to a television set.

You have lots of extra connection alternatives, via the breakout box.
You need an external 5V power supply, either through the USB cable, or through the DC in jack. The supplied transformer takes 100V-240V input and provides 5V 2A DC. Alternatively in the car, you can have a converter from 12V to 230V, or a standard 12V to 5V converter.

The TViX has a fast USB2.0 OTG interface, however my E-300 camera has not. Even if I can connect and copy files from my camera I don't do that often, since it takes forever to empty the 4GB CF card. Instead I connect a dedicated USB 2.0 card reader to the TViX, like the SanDisk ImageMate. Copying a 4GB card (133x) is then done remarkably fast with the external card reader.

Even if it looks like one would need lots of cables and stuff to travel with, the flexibility of this device generously compensates for that. Considering you can easily store 160 GB on this device, but for the OTG to work, that needs to reside on the prime partition with FAT32 and max 32GB. The rest will be a 128 GB NTFS partition. And of course you can connect this to your laptop with just one USB cable, and the laptop is then powering this like any other external 2.5" USB hard disk.

There are so many new similar devices coming out on the market, that are more then just a simple hard disk right now. TViX has a new one that has a LAN connection and supports HDTV, but that model is not portable: http://www.tvix.co.kr/ENG/Products/HDM5000U.aspx

Another interesting device would be this one, considering slower transfer and less capacity, but if you're going for a really small device: http://www.compact-drive.nl/md80.htm

Here below is a typical "ebay photo style" of the TViX Mini C-2000U, with all the box content thrown onto the kitchen table. As you can see it is very small, just an aluminium case around the 2.5" hard disk. I don't think you'll find a smaller one, both the LaCie and the iOmega are larger. And it is cheap too. So if you have spare hard disk laying around, maybe give it a try?