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04-23-2006, 04:29 AM
My name is Rick. I live in NE. Pa. but at the present time I'm spending a 6 month duty assignment in Kosovo. ( Government Employee ). I've been using Nikon Film Cameras (F5 & F80) for the last several years, shooting mainly Macro, Landscapes & Family Pic's with Slide Film and scanning for
print. Because of the cost & waiting for processing plus the time involved in scanning my slides I finally decided to give digital a try. I have a few P&S digital cameras but after using a SLR I just couldn't get use to them.
I was all set to buy a D200 in Feb. Already placed an order with B&H but
by the time my order was processed they were out of stock. So I started
researching DSLR cameras on the net. (way too much time on my hands).
I came across the Oly System and was quite impressed with their From the Ground up Digital System Plus the fact that Panasonic is teaming up with Olympus, and Sigma & Lica have new 4/3 lenses scheduled for release proves to me that the Four Thirds system isn't the dead horse that a lot of people were predicting. So I bought a E-500 SE kit from the local PX here. The E-500 is a really nice camera but I wasn't to excited about the View Finder, the Creaking noise it made when I pressed on the back and the 17.5-45 kit lense. The pictures were great though, the Big LCD was neat, and thought it was still better then the D50 or D70s. Then
I starting reading about the E-1 and the other lenses available from Oly. Placed a bid on E-Bay for an E-1 and won. When I took it out of the box it was Love a First Touch/Sight. So now I had an E-1 but no worthy Glass to match up with it. Purchased the 11-22mm, 14-54mm and the FL-50 I'm (Committed Now !!! ). Once I had the E-1 I knew the E-500 would just sit so I returned it to the PX for a refund, no problem , especially since I paid way more then I should have for it. Then I learned I could use all my nice
Nikon Lenses on the E system (another plus) great I have some really good primes and macro lenses waiting at home. Just need the Adapter.
I was so impressed with the E-1 and the $$ their going for on E-Bay I purchased a second body.......by now you must think this guy is Crazy:blink:
he should have just purchased a D-200 and had it over with. Well maybe so but for what it would have cost me for a D-200 with kit Lense (since none of my Nikon Lenses covered the Wide to Normal range) I have Two Great bodies, Two Sharp Lenses and a External Flash, plus I could still use my Nikon's and I still intend to use film for my Macro shots. I have never printed larger the 8 X 10 so the 5meg on the E-1 is no problem, plus I always try to Fill the Frame when composing my shots so I seldom Crop. I know the E-1 is 3 yrs old but when it was built it was built right and should give me many years of service. Maybe three years from now I'll pick up an E-3 or whatever but for now I'm all set.........Hmmmm.....maybe I need the 50-200mm :yes:
Another Compulsive Camera Buff

04-23-2006, 04:52 AM
Thats the trouble with cameras, buy one. Then want all the bits that go with it. See another one, decide its better so buy that too and so on. Now you seem to have everything you need so, welcome the forum and look forward to seeing your pics.

04-24-2006, 05:04 AM
Hey Rick, and welcome! The Olympus SLRs are addicting, aren't they? I am sure your e-1 will provide you much happiness until you want to upgrade. I have the e-500 bought because of the value, and then promptly proceeded to spend a lot more than that buying extra lenses...oops. :D

Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy the forum!

04-24-2006, 06:18 AM
Thanks Blueridgegirl
Yes thats is a problem.......so many nice lenses.
You will Love the E-500, I used on for awhile and thought it was a
fine camera. I just couldn't get use to the View Finder after useing
my Nikon gear. The LCD on the E-500 is Great but I wear glasses and have the Diopter set on my E-1's so I don't need them to shoot. Problem
with that is I had to put them on again to see the LCD clearly. With the
View Finder on the E-1 and the way the info is laid out I don't need the LCD to see what my settings are.

Enjoy Your Camera and Have Fun
Thats what it's all about.

04-24-2006, 06:57 AM
Welcome Rick! I understand how you feel about the E-1. It just feels so good. I have both cameras as the E-500 is my husband's. I actually see little difference in picture quality between them, except the E-500 has more resolution.

And yes, you REALLY need the 50-200. That is my favorite lens in my bag

04-24-2006, 08:38 AM
Thanks llpoolej
Yes I think You are right I do need the 50-200.
I have a Nikon 80-200 F2.8 AAFD lense at home. I wonder how that would work with the Nikon Adapter. I know I will have to use manual focus and
F stop settings....but do you think I would get better resolution from the


04-24-2006, 10:01 AM
Well, welcome aboard. The E-1 is a great camera and will never let you down. Most importantly, it takes great pictures! Looking forward to seeins some of yours and your posts.

04-24-2006, 10:56 AM
Thanks EB
Just One Thing " It's All Your Fault " :yes: That I'm a member of the Olympus
Seriously, I've seen the Pictures you posted taken with the E-1.
I was Officialy Impressed:up:
Your Photografic Skills really bring out the best of the E-1.
I hope I can master my E-1's as you have Yours.


04-24-2006, 11:03 AM
I think the quality of the Nikon lens would probably be fine, but you lose a stop and if the Nikon isn't already sharp wide open, than it may not be the best

If I was allowed to keep only one lens for my camera, the 50-200 would be it. Most of my portrait work is animals though, and that really requires the tele lens. Most of my portraits are done wide open and are very sharp.

My husband is threatening to buy a second one as we fight over it