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04-25-2006, 10:26 AM
Hello Fellow Olympians!

Well it looks like I have started to run before learning to walk with regards to message posting here so I think before I go on another inexhaustible round of posting I should let you all know who is behind theenigma! :blink:

Where to start!?! Well my real name is Harvey Winter (Harv to you guys! My friends!) and I hail from merry old England (the South East to be precise).
I have lived here ALL my life (that’s about 19 ½ years so far!) and first got into ‘tography when my mum and dad brought me an old film camera (I say old… it was made in 1998!) which I used up until it died on me in ’03 which was when I made the jump to digital with a “point and shoot” (F700).

This sufficed until I dropped it last January so I thought might as well take another leap, and went for an Oly E-300 with 14-45 when it first came out (yes I was one of those poor souls who bought it when it was going for £800!):help:

So I have spent the last year really getting to grips with my E-300. this has proved a double edged sword as not only am I learning a LOT but I am tending to leave my university work until the last minute because of it!

I went for an E-1 about 2 months ago because I thought it best to get one while they were still around (thanks Ben!) and well… I haven’t looked back really! Although I am looking forward to the “E-1 replacement” I’m not going to be giving up my E1 (I think its surgically attached to my hand now!) anytime soon.

I guess that covers the obligatory “camera / photography” history bit!

I recently sort of “migrated” from the OTHER forum to here and have decided to set up base camp!:yahoo:

I am currently studying (deep breath!) Applied Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare at University, I’m hoping to go pro some time in my life(!) preferably on the wildlife / landscape side of photography… well you never know it might happen!:dontknow:

At the moment I am mainly taking landscape / flora and fauna and family pics, I’m not that confident about trying “street photography” just yet as I am 6’ 8” and kind of stick out like a sore thumb whenever I point my camera at anyone (or anything for that matter!).

Well I guess that just about wraps me up.

Congratulations if you read this far, sorry…there isn’t a prize!

Anyway back to my photography, sorry, University work!

All the best!

Harv (theenigma) :camera:

04-25-2006, 10:45 AM
Did you say that you've been posting awhile and have just now now elected to introduce yourself? Well, no biggie as most of us have done it this way. Glad to see you have fallen in love with the E-1. Despite it's shortcomings (gosh, it's almost 4 years old now, eh), this baby still sets a standard - one that lured many of us to the Oly camp.

At least you are getting started young - that's great. One can only imagine what the E-1 replacement will be like, and the waiting is certainly killing many of us. But in the meantime we play around with our current stuff (me with my E-1 and E300 and other camera makes).

I know what you mean about putting other (perhaps more important) stuff behind - or waiting till the last minute (like your schoolwork) because when you get into all of this digital camera stuff - post processing, etc., it can eat up lots of time. But you get so hooked, there's no turning back I'm afraid. Heck, you're 19+ years old, and I'm 57 - yet both our passions are about equal. So go figure on that one!