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06-04-2006, 10:14 AM
My name is Jim and I am a Olyimpiholic.

I've been interested in photography for 30 years, starting with a instamatic and working my way up to 35 mm.
My first 35mm was a range finder Yashica that took wonderfully sharp pictures. I became a Olympiholic in the early 80's when I picked up a OM-g, I was in love instantly.
I've only done small bits of pro shooting, a small stint as a Wedding photographers assistant untill a customer noticed that one set of shots were much cleaner and sharper than the other, I was fired instantly. Moral- never outshoot your boss.
My company still offers photography as one of the services we provide, mostly jewelery and art for insurance reasons but the occassional portrait or event jobs still come along. we also provide media conversion, prints, vhs and camcorder tapes to disk. I send most of my time shooting birds, flowers and moon shots now.
My digital life started out with a clevercam in 2001, soon after a HP315 became the first true digital camera I used. It went to Africa with me for a few thousand shots, and now resides at my parents house joyfully clicking away even now.
Then came a Argus 5 mp, which was dropped accidentlly one day leading to a return to Oly.
When the argus dropped I was determinded to find a camera that wouldnt leave me wanting more, I researched the curent crop of 8 mg point and shoots as the slr's were still out of my price range, and even though other brands offered more speed, frames per second or iso abilitys, in the end the reveiws all said the same. The image quality of the C-8080 was unsupassed and to me thats all that matters.
Some of the first shots taken with the 8080 are still my favs and sell more than any others. It goes with me where ever I go
When the E-300 came out it became the perfect companion to the 8080, faster to focus and a better buffer, longer lenses and a slr feel that I enjoyed with the OM-g.
I have both the wide and telephoto attachments for the 8080 and use the 35 macro, and the 50-200 + 1.4 tc as well as the kit lenses on the 300.
What I really like are the two super telephoto lenses I use on the 300, both russian. The first was a older MTO 1100mm and now a modern Rubinar 1000mm with a om adapter that Oly was nice enough to send me for free. They may be manual focus but there is a certain thrill of shooting a heron on the oppisite side of a lake or the moon full frame and seeing the craters and fractures clearly. These sell well too.
Even though I understood photography since using the yashica and Om-g, I have found the forums have increased my ability greatly, not only in learning different technics for photography but also in getting the most out of my equipment.
I use Epson printers for scanning and printing, the largest being a 2200 that will produce a Panorama up to 129 inches, also good sellers.
I dont post much, usually lurking and learning. I feel there people much more knowledgable than me, and cant get a picture to show up on the forums for the life of me.
I have been so close to getting a E-1 now that the prices have dropped so far, but am waiting to see the new toy they bring us next year.

You can veiw some of my stuff at

Not all are perfect and I havent deleted any since the clevercam days. I guess I really need to clean the site up and put up some more of the newer stuff. One day when Im not looking at what I took that day Ill do it I promise. :evilgrin:

Thanks for looking


06-04-2006, 12:18 PM
Howdy :) well, when you do post, I bet it will be a good one :)

06-14-2006, 11:15 AM
Welcome, Jim!


06-15-2006, 06:53 AM
Welcome, Jim. Sounds like you have had a few of the same experiences I have. My first Olympus was an OM-10, not an OM-G, but they are similar. I also have a Yashica rangefinder. It looks and feels like it was made at Kmart, but it takes really sharp pictures. Now I have an E-300. Still have a bunch of OM gear, too. Never tried wedding photography, though, and don't think I ever will. (Wait! I take that back. A number of years ago at my sister-in-law's wedding I was asked to shoot a bunch of pictures to sort of augment what the pro was doing. I did take quite a few extremely excellent shots. The only problem was that the film leader was not properly loaded and my wonderful pictures never made it to the film)!

Oh. One more thing. The correct term, I believe, is "zuikoholic."

06-24-2006, 12:50 AM
Or "Olyholic"?:evilgrin: