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patrick savidge-smerdon
06-15-2006, 03:49 PM
Hi Everyone,
Just to introduce myself, I'm from Chesterfield in "Derbyshire",56 year's young and a retired ex soldier 18 year's service,been into Photography since age 15, owned lots of film & Digital camera's down the year's.
I currently own a Canon 20D SLR , Oly 7070WZ which I beleave is gaining classic status as a camera!! and my new pride & joy a "Oly E1" with a battery grip, IE portrait grip, 14-54 kit len's ect,which I got for the measly sum of 507 inc P&P from Digital Depot in UK.
What a bargain!!,don't get me wrong I love my D20, but Iv'e allway's fancied that "E1" with it's very robust body, and splashproof construction,not to mention the dust filter, so when the price drop's started well here I am.
I like shooting landscape's mostly and some flower macro's,I have a full set of len's for my D20, but felt the need for a wide angle len's for the E1,so just purchased the 11-22 which arrived yesterday,what a lovely len's, nice and sharp and well made much better than the 14-45 kit len's !!and splashproof to compliment the E1. I have the Sigma 10-20 Wide zoom for the D20 which is a superb len's for the money very wide and hold's it's sharpness too.
I wan't a macro len's for the E1 but can't decide wether to wait for sigma to bring out a 4/3 design,or go for the 14-54 as iv'e heard it's very close focusing and sharp if you get a good one that is!!,I have a Tamron 90mm DII which i'm very happy with for the Canon D20, but I'm not sure about the 50mm oly len's,maybe i'll wait as the wife think's I could set up a camera shop with all the kit i'v got now!!:D
Well hope Ive not bored you to much with "rabbiting on"
All the best

06-15-2006, 06:58 PM
Good to hear from you, Patrick. I too have a C7070WZ but my E-1 is my personal favorite. Since I have both the 14-54 and the 50 Macro, I think I can offer that the 50 mm lens can amaze you with its sharpness, while the 14-54 lens amazes with its versatility. Here in the US, the two lenses are close in cost, but there are rebates available for the 14-54 until the end of this month, which make it a better bargain. I wouldn't split with either of mine. Good luck.


06-15-2006, 09:30 PM
Actually, the rebate applies to the 50mm macro also. Just to make the decision more difficult!

I'm tempted to buy one (I already have the 35mm), but I'm waiting for the Sigma 30mm f1.4 instead. I need a fast lens more than another macro.

06-16-2006, 12:07 PM
Hi Patrick:

As a retired US Marine (gosh I hate using the term "retired" 'cause it sounds so permanent), I want to welcome you aboard. Glad you found the E-1 as this instrument continues to inspire, impress, and capture great shots. I think you will find lots of great folks who frequent this site. No bickering here, nor are there incidents that often occur at other locations. Looking forward to seeing some of your images.

06-18-2006, 10:32 AM
Welcome, Patrick! I've owned a lot of cameras, and the E1 has a way of capturing the heart.

As an owner of the 14-54 and 50 Macro, I can attest that both are absolutely superb. I have no quibbles about the 14-54, used it for almost two years and it has been flawless. The 50 Macro is razor sharp, and if you equip it with the EX-25 extension tube, you can get some incredible detail. You can see some examples of 50 Macro work on my model steam site at http://johno.myiglou.com/steamgeneral.html, the better ones were done with the E1/50 Macro. (some are also done with E20, and my old D600) Now, if you really want to attack your financial well being, take a look at the 50-200. It is yet another superb piece of glass flawless in all respects. I'm finding that the 50-200 and EX-25 make a mean combination for in the field macro work.

BTW: if you've been in Her Majesty's service, you might be interested in another toy of mine, a reproduction of a Ferguson rifle. Writeup on this at http://johno.myiglou.com/ferguson.htm. If the British Army had deployed these rifles on fast cavalry during the Napoleanic wars, things might have become very interesting.


06-27-2006, 10:35 AM
Welcome, Patrick. I have the 14-45 (which I don't use), 14-54 (use all the time), 50-200 (use a lot, too) and now the 11-22 (which I'll start using for a new job soon). I like them all, and I can also get some great macros with the XA25, but most times do just fine with just the 14-54.


patrick savidge-smerdon
06-28-2006, 05:18 AM
Thanks AnnF,
I keep hearing good thing's about the 14-54 len's,and I may get one in the near future,but there in short supply in the UK at the moment!!. I have the 11-22 and am very happy with the the build and picture quality, and I certainly recommend it.

All the best

06-30-2006, 12:53 AM
Maybe you could have someone from the US send one out to you.