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06-16-2006, 10:38 AM
Iíve been lurking here long enough and have made a few posts so I thought itís time to introduce myself to the forum. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which has some of the worldís most spectacular scenery in our own back yard so thereís unlimited potential for great shots. I do believe in the IBTL (idiot behind the lens) limitation to get those great shots but already Iíve been able to pick up lots of tips and hints to lessen the IBTL impact!

Iím currently using an E-1 which recently augmented my E-300 that Iíve had for about a year. While I was very happy with the E-300 I wanted to get the 14-54 and since the body was just a bit more that the lens itself I figured ďwhat the heck!Ē. Iíve also added grips for both bodies and an FL-36. In addition to these I still have my Panasonic FZ10 and my Canon S40. One thing Iíve found with all of these cameras is that each one seems to fill a niche. The E-1 is better than the E-300 for action photography, the E-300 is great with the dual flash capability, the FZ10 is a great all-in-one, and the good old S40 still finds itself in my pocket on many occasions.

My son is involved in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined (a combination of ski jumping and cross country racing) so I spend a lot of time taking ski jumping related shots, primarily at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary but also at Utah Olympic Park in Park City, UT. Some of these can be seen at http://www.altiusnordicskiclub.com/Archives/2006Galleries/20060211AltiusOlympics/AltiusOlympics2006_Index.htm, http://yycskijumping.fotopic.net/c984561.html, and http://sjncpotw.fotopic.net/c719161.html. As I mentioned before the E-1 is much better at CAF and exposure than the E-300 so Iím glad I added that to my arsenal as well!

I like technology and am always interested in the latest and greatest, however I firmly believe, as many others in the forum have stated, that a camera is only a tool. I value and look forward to more ideas, critiques, and suggestions from this forum and hope that I can contribute some in return as time goes on.
By the way, any other Western Canadians around?

06-16-2006, 11:20 AM
Oh Man...another canuck!

Welcome to the forum, I also have an E300 and some of the lenses you have, we don't have enough "tsunamis" around here to warrant the E-1 otherwise I would have bought one, instead I got another E300...

There are more canadians here, around your area too: Garry Frankel, Larry O, gunnerx,...all a bunch of good people, great photographers too !

So, pull up a chair, sit on the floor, you are going to enjoy your stay...


06-16-2006, 11:58 AM
You live in a gorgeous part of the world - I wish I could visit soon to capture all of the scenes in that neck of the woods. In any event, welcome aboard. You will find a nice bunch of folks here and I believe there are quite of few Canadians who frequent this site. You have to promise to post some shots of your neck of the woods.

Garry Frankel
06-18-2006, 12:02 PM
Don't forget Stampede is a target rich environment as well and the view from the "needle" is great, even if the food isn't !!!
I got an E1 as a backup to my E500 and enjoy it a lot as well.

06-20-2006, 08:41 AM
Hi Dave, or should I say neighbor. I'm just an hour north of you and pretty much enjoy the same scenery. Welcome to the forum, and I'm a newbie as well.

Brian :smile:

06-24-2006, 12:55 AM
Welcome! Great pictures! Oh... A. Duckworth looks a little frightened in his jump!