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07-28-2006, 11:53 AM
Technical info:
Focal length: 50-200mm
Lens construction: 16 elements in 15 groups.
Angle of View: 24-6 degrees
Closes focusing distance: 3.9\'
Max aperture: f2.8-f3.5
Min Aperture: F22
Filter size: 67mm
Dimensions: 3.4 D x 6.2 L
Weight: 2.4 LBS.
Tele 1.4: yes
Ext Tube: Yes .49 magnification
Price: ~$900
Olympus website here. (http://www.olympusamerica.com/e1/sys_lens_50mm28.asp)
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07-28-2006, 12:03 PM

Pros: very sharp at all focal length and all apertures, good ergonomics, well built, relatively light, very little or invisible CA, low price, very usable focal length range, compatible with ex-25 extension tube (ideal for butterfly photos)
Cons: slower AF than 14-54, not too sharp images with EC-14 teleconverter, vignetting at large apertures over 100mm focal length,
Price: used - 170000HUF ~$850USD
Other: this lens extends when zooming, so i feel it not as solid like fix length lenses (but the quality of materials is very high)

It is much slower in AF than 14-54. I am playing with S-AF vs C-AF to see which one helps more in dark and daylight conditions.

PROs: Razor-sharp images. Like, take a picture of a fellow photographer at 200mm, and read what filter brand he has kind of sharp. And count the pores on his forehead sharp. And the hairs on his hand. (Yes, I've got a real-world image in mind as I write this.)
CONs: Intimidatingly large, especially with lenshood. This is also a PRO, because, as I learnt this weekend, people assume you're a pro and know what you're doing. Expensive (depending on your budget), though you guys in the States have it much easier than here in the UK.
[PS After almost a year, this was an upgrade from the 40-150mm. I know that some members have both zooms. I couldn't afford to keep the two - I could barely afford the 50-200 as it was - but, if this sounds like you, yes, the image quality is that much better, yes, the extra 50mm does make a difference, yes, those extra couple of stops are significant and yes you really need this lens :-) ]

As for its size Im reminded by the way people look at the 50-200mm attached to the E-1 that it is of considerable size but it feels so nicely weighted that it is no problem carrying it around.
Shucks, with this setup a few people approached me and asked if I was a pro....I wish I was but nevertheless it draws attention (good or bad) and looks very professional just by the solid build quality. I use the 50-200mm extensively now that I've had it for a little while and it continues to amaze me with how sharp and fast it is. Alot of money was spent but it was well worth it every penny of it.
I cannot think of any con against this lens since I've been using it.
I would highly recommend anyone that does not have a ZD 50-200mm to try it out, you simply will not be dissapointed. A superb lens

Pros: very sharp (as said many times by others), low CA, not too big/heavy.
Cons: slower AF, vignetting at various focal length and aperture, extending in length when zoomed in.
Price: used mint condition - 700USD
Other: Why can't olympus construct a fixed length design like other 70-200's. but over all it's a great lens.

Many thanks for the feedback on the Oly 50-200mm lens. I have taken the big leap and have ordered one.
Sarah Joyce
Dan Browning

I just got this lens 3-31-06 and shot a session with it today 4-1-06. This lens is Unbelievable! I shot in Apature Priority to have a shallow dept of field and I am amazed at how good the images look. I swear it's like I have a new camera. I LOVE this lens.
Focus is pretty fast (haven't shot a lowlight wedding with it yet but I suspect it will be just fine). The lens focus motor is really quiet compared to the Sigma 55-200. I found that I have less missed focus shots than the 14-54 or the 40-150. I shot 300 images today and two were misfocuses.
If you own the 55-200mm sigma and you think it's good enough.....quit fooling yourself and get this lens. I'm shocked at how much better this lens is. Yes it's 5x the cost but worth EVERY penny!

This is my favorite lens of the line up. I don't have any of the super high end lenses, but I *love* this one. For the dogs and horses, it is perfect. It works great with the EX-25 too
Love the photos you posted, very nice!

Hi all,
(As this is my first post... I have been an Am. photog. since '78)

I just received this lens last night from BH. It is the first lens I've spent more on than a body so forgive my if I am a bit overexcited. I don't know why it has taken m so long to figure out that that some of these lenses are truly worth every cent.
I am so amazed at this lens. DOF at 50(100) is fantastic (now I realize I've got a great portrait lens.) Sharpness is out of this world. I plan on putting this lens on this weekend to explore its capabilities for a couple days. Like someone else has said... its like I've got a new camera.
Buy this lens, then pick a body E1, E300, E330, E500. You will upgrade a body, but keep this lens.
Scott S.

I just got this amazing piece of glass, I'm so happy and what a difference between the ZD 50-200 and Sigma 55-200. Like Night and Day!
All I can say is WOW!
I just love using this fine lens.
Now I have to get rid of my Sigma, any one?
Here's one of my first pics using my new shiny ZD 50-200mm

I am thinking about this lens to replace the 2 lens 40-150. I have the 14-54 f/2.8-3.5. Does it require a tripod or can it be used in hand shooting? I notice it is twice the weight of the 40-150.

I have not used a tripod as of yet and all the shots I've taken withthe ZD 50-200 have been hand-held such as the one below @200mm still came out sharp.
Its a pretty fast lens.2161

My 14-54 f/2.8-f/3.5 is fast. I figured it would be similar. I also use 133x Sandisk Extreme III 20 MB/s. I can save a raw in under 1s. Great pictures. Still looking at the price, WOW!!!!

The 50-200mm is now my standard Fashion Runway and Concert Coverage lens due to the speed and weight of the lens. I consider this lens a "ultra performer" because it has yet failed me... (rare misfocusing) Weather proofing this lens by Olympus means this lens can work under pretty extreme weather conditions which will be problematic for other lenses/systems.
These days, the 50-200mm is permanently mounted on my E-1. A solid performer.
My only complain is the hood... it makes the lens too huge and can be intimidating when used for street photography. That is where the 40-150 shines. (That is why I am still keeping it). I end up using the 50-200 without the hood many times due to shooting in tight spaces (like in concerts).
Manual focusing on the 50-200 is really good, and I am very used to that now.