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08-26-2006, 10:27 PM
This is a recommendation to anyone looking for a custom built PC from a US based vendor who demonstrates integrity and provides quality product and exceptional service that will very likely exceed your expectations. I am not affiliated with Hyperfish Systems, just a very satisfied customer that would like to pass along my experience and hopefully benefit others in doing so.

I not only purchased a Hyperfish PC for myself, but also had one built for my Dad. I figure if it is good enough for me to recommend to my Dad, it should be good enough for you :wink:

What constitutes a custom built PC?
Most people think that a custom built PC is simply comprised of some choice components that all get good reviews in magazines or online and have some fancy tweaks and an OS slapped on top. This might be the approach for a custom build for some folks but it is all too easy to combine a bunch of components without actually wringing out the true performance from the SYSTEM. How do you know that those individual components all work and play well with each other? How do you know that the single CPU and RAM you bought will support overclocking to any great degree? What do you do if a component fails? Who do you call when you have a problem or a question?

This is often the problem when building PCs yourself or obtaining off the rack sytems from the likes of Dell, Alienware, etc.

Who is a potential candidate for a custom built PC?
Anyone who wants more than just an off the rack system with no potential for expandability or upgrades over time.
Anyone who lacks either the time or the knowledge to build the sytem themselves
Anyone who wants a builder to stand behind their rig if/when problems occur.

Looking for that dream computer system that you can really call a digital darkroom?

Do you need a reliable, fast system capable of processing RAW files while also juggling multiple tasks simultaneously? A system that will run 24/7/365 and can be expanded instead of thrown away in a year or two?

I strongly recommend Hyperfish Systems as a vendor of custom built PCs. I recently worked with Hyperfish to build my custom system and am VERY SATISFIED. (http://www.hyperfishsystems.com/)

I've built my own systems for a while now and wanted a new digital darkroom to replace my 6 year old workhorse that can no longer handle the strain of the latest RAW converter SW, PSCS2 and multitasking. I was torn with building another system, buying off the rack (ie Dell, Alienware, etc) or going with a custom builder who would put the same quality components together that I would choose for my own build AND do it in such a way that the SYSTEM is fast, reliable and able to handle anything I throw at it 24/7. Most of the off the rack systems are not built specifically for image editing nor are then meant to be expandable by the user so they go obsolete very fast and you can't upgrade them yourself. Other vendors just cater to gamers and charge big $$$.

I decided to go with Hyperfish Systems who I found through the dpreview.com forums and am VERY satisfied with the system built for me. Anyone can list out a bunch of components and throw on an operating system and call it a custom build but the SYSTEM will not always be optimized nor will it wring out every last drop of performance without tweaks, careful setup, and testing of components to ensure that they play well together. Hyperfish does all this and more and supports you too. Hyperfish also provides a turnkey system to you with all of YOUR software already installed and mapped out onto your drives in such a way to facilitate easy, simple backups of both your system and your data.

Check them out here: http://www.hyperfishsystems.com/

Send Hyperfish an email or make a call and see what Hyperfish can do for you. I firmly believe you will be impressed.Hyperfish is a photographer who builds PC for photographers so he understands your needs.

I am the type of person that will tell a FEW people about a good product or service. I will tell LOTS of people about a bad product or service. I will tell EVERYONE and their brother and their dog about a GREAT product/service and Hyperfish provides GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT SERVICE.

Since this is a custom rig, your configuration will likely vary from mine, but here is what I got:
Intel chipset motherboard with a 3.5GHz Dual Core CPU (overclocked), special cooling, 2GB high end Mushkin DDR2, Raptor system drive and multiple fast data hard drives (including a built in hot swap backup) nVidia 7900GT with special cooling, PC Power & Cooling power supply, built in card reader, 2 DVD burners, Lian-Li case... basically, excellent parts with up to lifetime+ warranties

Hyperfish systems are specifically made to your specifications and optimized for your specific needs. I had one built for digital darkroom work to allow me to quickly process RAW files from my Oly E-1 DSLR, scan images, edit images in Photoshop CS2, work with MS Office files, decode/encode/transcode video, rip and burn DVDs and CDs, play music/DVDs, surf the web, email, occasional gaming (this is the ONLY reason why I have the nVidia 7900GT card since you DON'T need this for PSCS2), and other general usage, etc. This PC does it all without flinching. It also allows me to backup my data and images quickly and easily with a swap drive in removable rack and I can Ghost my entire C drive in a few minutes to maintain system backups so I can recover from a problem and restore from a known good system image at my convenience. It is also optimized to run Photoshop CS2 and all of my software temp/cache/data files are mapped in such a way to allow me to maintain only program installations on my C drive while images and all data reside on my other physical data drives.

A recent problem due to a defective external firewire enclosure I bought from newegg was supported live on the phone on my schedule with a real person on the other end who built my system and knew what they were doing, not some first tier tech support flunky.


What you will get in every Hyperfish rig is a system that easily allows you to back up the system (using GHOST) as well as backup your data. This allows quick and easy restoration in the event of disaster and more importantly provides you with peace of mind that your images and other data are safe.

My rig arrived at my door preloaded with all my software along with recovery disks and a pristine backup image of my system on my backup drive. All I had to do was connect my keyboard, mouse, monitor and cable modem and start using it immediately. I set up my email accounts and transferred data and images from my old PC in no time too.

My Hyperfish PC:

Load test and temperature pic:

You'll notice that this is a shot showing my rig cranking in C1 RAW converter, converting a 9+MB 1Ds RAW--->64+MB 16bit .tiff while also running:

18 x Internet Explorer
15 x Excel
15 x Publisher
15 x Word
9 x Visio
15 x PowerPoint
2 x Nero
Etc. Etc. Etc..
Temperature was only 49'C during this punishing load

(The 1DS RAW files were Hyperfish's pix of my rig being built.)

I've observed around 8 sec for conversion of my uncompressed 10MB Olympus E-1 RAW files -> ~29MB 16-bit tiffs

You can download a pdf file with more info and more pictures of systems components and performance tests from Hyperfish via the link below (file size = 2.5 MB)

Just a VERY SATISFIED customer with no affiliation.

- Phil