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12-20-2006, 05:57 PM
Description of the Item From shikatronics web site:
Flash HD To Go!

"Say Good Bye to "Memory Full" message on your digital camera.
One touch copy button quickly transfers photos so you can keep shooting.
Portability, Reliability - with long life Lithium Ion Battery in a rugged palm-sized enclosure.
BONUS! Flash HD To Go! becomes an external hard drive to your computer - No worries about PC Crashes.

Flash Media Cards Supported:
--1. Compact Flash Type I (CF)
--2. Compact Flash Type II (CF)
--3. Microdrive
--4. Memory Stick (MS)
--5. Memory Stick Pro
--6. SmartMedia (SM)
--7. Secure Digital (SD)
--8. MultiMediaCard (MMC)
--9. xD-Picture Card (xD)

-Compatible With:
Microsoft OS
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98SE "


Alright I did purchase this thing 1 years Ago. And I do not regrette this at all. I must Admit that I shot per convention a lot of picture. Ac3 was a small convention, and I did ended up with 220 picture for one day. So it is capital that I have something to drop the info of my Memery card. This "thing" come in fourth model; one with no hard drive (150$can if I recal) so you can put a hard drive if of any size; one of 20GB (199.99can) one of 40gb(249.99can) and one of 60go (299.99 can). Physicly it is a Hard Drive in a case, with a plain black/white screen. You have a USB 2 plug (so it becaume a external HD with you connect it to yours computer) Memory slot for CF, and all other card(Xd need a spйcial adapter inclued in the kit). You have a Select and copy button. So basily when you put yours card in the device, you we see the card in the screen, you press select until you see yours icon flashing and you press copy. Just let the machine do the work...It do the job and served as a other hard drive Very good.

What do I don't like about this machine:
-The battery have a short life. So you must be close to a electrique source.
-Speed of transfert varie a lot depending of a brand to a other. (Compatibility?)
-When a transferd is stop you can not resume it.
-Not way to deleted yours picutre on the machine.

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Thanks. you explained it very easily. I was browsing around for hours, but could not do so. Your post is quite simple and useful

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