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Michael Meissner
02-23-2007, 11:35 AM
My favorite bag before getting the National Geographic NG-2475 bag (see my other review for that) is the Adorama Slinger bag. It is a one strap bag, that is similar to the Slingshot bag. Because it is Adorama branded, you can only get it from them:

In looking at the reviews of the bag at Adorama, one of the reviewers said it was somewhat different in real life than the picture. So it may be they have changed the design somewhat since I bought the bag.


Unlike a lot bags, the Slinger is tall enough that I can put the E-1 with 50-200mm lens and EC-14 teleconverter attached, so that I can take it out and be ready to shoot. Note, I do have to reverse the lens hood to use this bag.

The bag is fairly narrow, which means you can't put the E-1 with SHLD-2 attached in the bag. On the other hand, being narrower than other bags, means I can fit it in my airplane carry on roller bag along with my laptop, providing I take the flash out of the front pocket.

The way I usually carry in the bag is:

E-1 with 14-54mm mounted (lens in right side pocket);
50mm underneath the 14-54mm lens;
11-22mm lens and EX-25 teleconverter in center pocket;
50-200mm lens and EC-14 teleconverter in left pocket;
FL-50 and spare batteries/memory in front pocket.http://www.the-meissners.org/albums/camera-hacks/small/2006-08-13-21-06-133-bag.jpg


As I said, you can also switch the orientation so the 50-200mm lens is mounted, and either the EC-14 as well, or just separate in the pocket:


Now, as you can see the camera does extended a little bit over the top, but in practice this isn't an issue, since the top is fairly deep. But the L1 with its extended eyepice might be more of a problem.

Here is a shot with 4 bags (National Geographic NG-5162 backpack, National Geographic NG-2475 shoulder bag, Slinger, and a Lowepro Nova 1) to show how big the bags are:

I should mention there are few things I wish were done differently on the bag:

The bag should have a few more D-rings to attach things. It has 2 D-rings on the side with the strap and 3 D-rings on the other side (the extra is for the strap to attach to), and the D-rings are vertical. For carrying extra stuff, it would be useful to 4 D-rings on each side so you can do horizontal or vertical.
The strap is padded, but not removable. It is a little cumbersome if you are putting the Slinger in another suitcase.
I find after a couple of hours, the strap becomes a little bothersome, but then carrying 4 lenses makes it on the heavy side. I don't like how it sits when it is across the neck, and I just carry it on one shoulder.
The bag is definately one sided, in that it is meant to go on the right side (there is a left side version available), but I can carry it on either shoulder.
Since it is a private label brand, you can't see it in person, but have to mail order it unless you live in New York city. I believe the bag has doubled in price from when I bought it, but it is in the same range as other similar bags.

02-25-2007, 08:50 PM
That looks like a nice setup. I am such a bag wh*re that even the thought of a new bag gets me salivating. Dang, I wanted to save that $40. :eek: