View Full Version : Accessories Ergorest Multipod

05-23-2007, 03:48 AM
Have had one of these for a few months now, originally bought it for use in the van when taking photos of birds in roadside fields.

It is relatively compact when folded, opens out to a good solid base (the quick release lever makes adjustment easy) and when used with a ball head can support a fairly heavy camera with average sized lens, I have purchased a more substantial panhead now for use with heavier lenses.

I have also used it as a tabletop tripod and a chest brace for the 50-500 lens.

For car usage, it is best to have the window wound down as far as it will go (and still allow clipping on) as this makes the mount more stable for big lenses.

Wouldn't want to be without it for my roadside photography

Bought from 7dayshop.co.uk for around 40, panhead was budget model at around 35, makes a nice usable universal stand. :)

Picture 1 Tabletop
Picture 2 Window mount
Picture 3 Chest brace
Picture 4 folded