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07-05-2007, 11:27 PM
Description: Pure Image (http://mediachance.com/pureimage/index.html) is a Wavelet based Noise Reduction and Color Matching application that works with all known Image types (well at least the ones i checked) and RAW files. This Review will Be on Version 1.7 from May 2007.

I won this Software on the May contest SO i haven't payed for it But the price on the Web site is 35$ (july 2007).

Specifications: None, other then that's a windows Based Software Media Chance don't mention any Minimum requirements for the software.

Measurements: None.

Conclusions: The software is Simple and easy to use. My main use with PI is the noise reduction and i must say it works well.

i haven't compared it to Noise ninja and other Noise Reduction softwares but PI Does a good job especially with the Easy to use adjusting provided:
you can use 5 modes of Noise Reduction: Default, Nature, portrait, High Noise and Scanner. in all of them you have an easy way of adjusting the Image Quality, with the Noise level and the sharpen edges bars.
so far i handled iso 800 portrait and people shots with it and PI done a great job.

The Changes on the Image Are Being viewed Constantly and that thing alone saves time and effort. since the adjustments are simple and easy to work on, the whole process is done in no time.

I was Surprised at first with PI's Ability to Handle RAW Files But I still Prefer to De noise a RAW File after it's conversion.

* i Haven't Tested the Color matching or Color Correction tools since i usually do it With Light room and PS so once i'll test it i will update this post.

1. The software is Simple and easy to use.

2. Good Noise reduction and in this case fits exactly to my taste.

3. a real time preview of the noise reduction or any other correction made.

4. Fast Processing every thing is done quickly.

5. Files are being saved automatically With _NR at the end of the file name, which prevents you from damaging the original by mistake and allows you to compare to the Original Image.

6. Drag and Drop files from the windows explorer

7. RAW file support and the ability to work directly on them

Haven't found yet.