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10-04-2007, 03:01 AM
We have 2 winners. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Theme for the 2nd half of this month was Black & White.
The contest photo gallery is located here (http://www.43photo.smugmug.com/gallery/3483735/1):

#25 "Looking Back", by dara.
#25 "Looking Back", by dara. 9/3/07, Olympus E-510.
Voting comments:
Bruce: "Simply a wonderful image. A subtle example of the "definitive moment". It could be straight out of Life Magazine."

zarquon: "Perfect composition for a B&W shot. Great tonality and contrast with the child's skin tones and the stark white garments. Even without the narrow focus the dark skin on white really focuses the eye (and a great expression on it too!)".

Noise Filter: "Why technically unique: B&W
Why emotionally appealing: I just love this one. Very simple and unique. Good job Dara.

Marco: "Technically: sharpness, unsharpness at the right spot, good composition, good contrast (too bad of the border though).
Artistically: very emotive scene, where these sisters are paying attention to each other except one. It's the moment that makes this image."

Mark: "Why technically unique: One face revealed amongst a sea of cloaks and hoods.
Why emotionally appealing – contrast of the face against the clothing."

John: "What can I say. The white of the habib's frame the young girl's face. Perfectly timed to capture the innocent face of a child. Perfectly exposed. National Geographic quality."


2nd Place Winner:
#37, "The Loneliest Road, Hwy 50, Nevada", by matthew. http://43photo.smugmug.com/photos/202278662-M.jpg
#37, "The Loneliest Road, Hwy 50, Nevada", by matthew. 9/16/07, Olympus E-510.
Voting Comments:
Bruce: "This is a really nice b&w landscape. Great tonality. Nice use of the Rule of Thirds. The highway does a great job leading the eye towards the mountains and clouds. Offsetting the camera from the middle of the road is a nice touch as it doesn't make the composition too symmetrical."

Mark: "Why technically unique: The road pulls you down into the scene. This would have worked in colour as well.
Why emotionally appealing: You see the road, then the clouds, and after a pause you realise how far away the horizon is."


3rd Place:
#12 "kamilla", by marcof.
#12 "kamilla", by marcof . 9/22/07, Olympus E-400 .
Voting Comments:
zarquon: "Excellent plays of light and shadow across the model, strengthened by the heavy tonalities of B&W shots. Would not have looked as good in colour."

smogu: "Why technically unique: Light & Shadows utilized nicely.
Why emotionally appealing: Camilla gazed through me and plead to vote for her. Could not resist."

John: "Classic High Key image. Just a delightful image, takes me back to the glamour shots of the '30s."


4th Place:
#2 "Unzipped", by Luke.
#2 "Unzipped", by Luke. 9/21/07, Olympus E-300.
Voting Comments:
greslizzz: "Why technically unique: Very good textures, contrast, composition, subject, etc... all very good!
Why emotionally appealing: It looks very intelligent mouse."

AnnF: "Why technically unique: Excellent use of B&W. Good composition and timing (not an easy task with a small, wriggling subject).
Why emotionally appealing: The rat peering out of the pocket brings back memories of the cute antics of my children's pet rats. It seems to be saying, "Let me out so I can see some of the action!" Skillfully captured moment."


Honorable Mentions:
#3 - 'Solitude', by ZuikoGuy.
John: "I really liked the off balance and the use of negative light here. The egret is perfect and it really evokes the title..."
#5 - 'End of the world', by Viperman500.
smogu: "Why technically unique: Cool fisheyish capture.
Why emotionally appealing: It has the feeling it has been named by."
#7 - 'Jupiter Bridge', by Bill Turner.
Mark: "Why technically unique: Extreme field of view/viewpoint. E-1, so no LiveView – Bill would have got himself a bit dirty I think.
Why emotionally appealing: The rail takes you to the distant subject, nicely silhouetted."
John: "Great use of the 8mm. The burnished rail pulls you into the image and keeps you there. Strong linear elements and excellent use of high contrast."
#13 - ' 1964 Dodge Dart', by hamster.
Marco: "Technically: nice B&W, slightly on the bright site, I think, good contrast.
Artistically: shows the effect of weathering very nicely. well spotted the contrast of the nicely curved car body with the messy surroundings and weathered material."
16 - 'Pollination', by kentomas.
Noise Filter: "Why technically unique: B&W
"Why emotionally appealing: The details on the bee are well captured and personally i sometimes find that simplicity is the best."
19 - 'UpwardsUnderground', by theMusicMan.
Marco: "Technically: good contrast, good composition.
Artistically: lonesome in a busy metro station? I like the double message here, black&white is great for these kind of "street" portraits (staged or not, it doesn't matter)."
AnnF: "Why technically unique: Good contrast with B&W. Great composition of lines and placement of just one sole. Good timing as well.
Why emotionally appealing: There is a feeling of being alone in a secluded pathway, and in no hurry to get to the destination. The mood is well-captured."
22 - 'War Memorial Sherman Tank at Torcross Devon UK' by delaneyb.
zarquon: "Low angle and the drama of the B&W really work well to bring a surreal feel to the tank. Vivid imagery and forgotten purposes are what these memorials are all about. Centre alignment of the barrel in the light of the clouds must have been a labour of raw patience, putting it just above photo #13 ("1964 Dart")".
27 - 'Still a Classic', by rockgrabber.
Noise Filter: "Why technically unique: B&W
Why emotionally appealing: I love Corvette’s. Well done Rockgrabber."
29 - 'Threesome', by mistermike.
Bruce: "A nice macro that lends itself very well to b&w. Unique perspective, with interesting textures and shapes."
AnnF: "Why technically unique: Interesting composition and perspective of a group of 3. Good lighting and capture of the texture on the flowers, which lend very well to black & white.
Why emotionally appealing: I like how they seem almost transluscent, yet no visible light is shining from the background. Very pleasing and peaceful. I'm drawn to all parts of the photo. This is one photograph I would want to hang on my wall."
#38 - 'Off season', by Noise Filter.
greslizzz: "Why technically unique: He captured the light very nicely.
Why emotionally appealing: It reminds me the summer that already passed."
39 - 'Footprints', by Tyler.
greslizzz: "Why emotionally appealing: Very philosophical job... You can write a book about it."
JACalvo: "Simple and clean composition. I like very much light and the way the shallow DOF is applied."
40 - 'Blonde girl', by llpoolej.
greslizzz: "Why technically unique: Professional job."


#1 - 'Splash' by SuperJr.
#4 - 'The Chaise', by JimM.
#6 - 'The joy of breakfast', by deevee.
#8 - 'Boxer pup', by sjordan.
#9 - 'Touched', by assafx.
#10 - 'My Other World', by JohnM.
#11 - 'Clock Tower', by cosmonaut.
#14 - 'On a spaghetti bridge to nowhere', by srf4real.
#15 - 'Out of Africa', by madmax40. .
#17 - 'Sandpiper', by clark666.
#18 - 'Shed', by nalladj.
#20 - 'In My Hand', by StuMac1985.
#21 - 'Strawlight', by ama.
#23 - 'A dig into the past', by AnnF.
#24 - 'Police horse 17EB', by pjphoto59.
#26 - 'Shrooms', gregmacg.
#28 - 'Mosaic bench', by johannes.
#30 - 'Old Victorian House', by Pontiac005.
#31 - 'Yucca Plant', by Hudsonhites.
#33 - 'Australia's First Love - The FJ Holden', by Shrinkpictures'.
#32 - 'Clothscape', by Henk Peter.
#34 - 'Just Monkeys!', by greslizzz.
#35 - 'Autumn colours', by mick finn.
#36 - 'Gibbs Hill', by bdaBoy.

10-04-2007, 04:46 AM
Congratulations to the winners :)

10-04-2007, 07:06 AM
Congratulations dara for an excellent image, and to all of the winners and HM's. This was a really great collection of images. The judges certainly had their work cut out for them with this theme.

10-04-2007, 07:11 AM
Beautiful shots!!! The first place one is stunning!

10-04-2007, 07:55 AM
Congratulations and well done, not only to the deserving winners but to all who entered. There was an excellent variety of very good work submitted.

10-04-2007, 10:12 AM
congrats to the winners and submitters great job all.

10-04-2007, 02:21 PM
Congratulations to dara, matthew, marcof, and Luke! I am not at all surprised at those selections. And to all the others, very good shooting. And Ann, if you really do want one, PM me and I'll post you a link. Thanks for that complement! :smile:

10-05-2007, 08:44 AM
I have been seeing photography in a new way again. These B&W photos are tremendous.

10-05-2007, 01:20 PM
Thank you very much for all kind comments, I will try to submitting more entries.

Your comment is very important to me.

And.... again Many thanks to all... ka:action-smiley-020:

10-07-2007, 02:50 PM
And Ann, if you really do want one, PM me and I'll post you a link. Thanks for that complement! :smile:
You're welcome.


10-13-2007, 12:56 PM
First of all, sorry for the late reaction but I am very busy for the moment.
Congratulations to the winners and all participants and thanks :worship: for voting for my entry.
Dara, the moment I saw your photo I knew we had a winner. Excellent job, it deserves to be published.