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11-05-2007, 02:39 PM
We have 2 winners. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Theme for the 2nd half of this month was Seasonal (in your area).
1st place winner has first choice of prize.

The contest photo gallery is located here: http://43photo.smugmug.com/gallery/3661224 (http://43photo.smugmug.com/gallery/3661224)


#35 'Waxwings' by jebir. 10/21/07. E-510.
#35 'Waxwings' by jebir. 10/21/07. E-510.

Voting comments:

John - This is best photograph technically but it reminds me too much of
Robert Bateman.
It's a technical tour de force, but it's just missing that little spark.
greslizzz - Why technically unique: nice composition, specially repetitions: birds, branches, fruits.
Why emotionally appealing: Life should be like this...
smogu - Why technically unique: sharp focus with bokeh effect.
Why emotionally appealing: seasonable birds with great colors.
Tatu - This is just a lovely nature photo. Nice bokeh too. Jebir has been in the right
place the right time :)
Mikael - Why technically unique: Exposure, sharpness and control of DOF are all
close to perfection.
Why emotionally appealing: Very well captured moment of the two birds in a beautiful autumn surrounding, and I've always had a soft spot for all rowanberry images..

2nd Place Winner:

#16 'Autumn Classic' by greslizzz. 10/25/07. Olympus E-1.
#16 'Autumn Classic' by greslizzz. 10/25/07. Olympus E-1.

Voting comments:

Mark - Why technically unique: simple colouration, and leading lines. Good camera angle.
Why emotionally appealing: The eye is lead straight to the top of the trees. V little distraction. Autumnal feel via the semi bare branches of the Aspens (?), and the bright orange leaves against the blue sky.
Tatu - Love the calm but punchy colours. Makes me feel the fresh breeze of autumn.
AnnF - Very good composition and vivid seasonal colors and lighting.
I would love to be standing there enjoying the scenery in person.

3rd Place:

#3 'Bridge of Fall Colors' by rockgrabber. 10/21/07. Olympus E-1.
#3 'Bridge of Fall Colors' by rockgrabber. 10/21/07. Olympus E-1.

Voting comments:

Henk - A strong, almost graphical composition of only a few colors and the
contrast of the heavy concrete structure of the bridge and fragile red
leafs make this photo a winner.
Mikael - Why technically unique: Very good control of the light and excellent composition.
Why emotionally appealing: There is something very appealing to the
eye in the forms revealed in the framing of the bridge. And the wild
wine climbing up in it's beautiful autumn red combined with the light
has a strong emotional appeal that is perfectly in line with this
months theme.

4th Place:

#1 'Into The Light' by Sog501. 10-13-07. E-500.
#1 'Into The Light' by Sog501. 10-13-07. E-500.

Voting comments:

Mark - Why technically unique: Good exposure for the sun rays, good positioning of the camera (colours appear slightly off to me, this can be corrected).
Why emotionally appealing: the sun shining through the trees, in opposition to the dark forest. Nice curve to the road supports a serene scene.
AnnF - I like the way the road moves from one corner, then curves around throught the trees. The lighting is just beautiful.
It gives off a serene feeling.

Honerable Mentions:

#4 'Fallen' by Luke. 10/22/07. E-300.
AnnF - Very good use of the lighting on the ground, and composition of leaves around detailed mushroom.
I love the fall colors and details. Would make a great photo on a wall with the nicely done framing.
#10 'Vivid' by Viperman500. 10/07/07. E-500.
John - Nice post processing and a nice take on fall in the Laurentians.
#15 'Fall Table' by mistermike. 10/27/2007. Olympus E330.
smogu - Why technically unique: warm lighting nicely used to get right tones.
Why emotionally appealing: seasons feeling captured.
#19 'Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains' by AnnF.10/27/07. Olympus E-1.
greslizzz - Why technically unique: Nice subtle variations of colors.
Why emotionally appealing: I wish to be an eagle in that mountain.
#20 'Autumn Blues' by syntaxerr0r. 10/28/2007.
John - I like this composition. It's a well designed photograph and would really work as a Jethro Tull album cover (yeah, I'm that old).
#21 'VESTIBULE' by Travis Voels. 10/19/07. Olympus E-410.
John - Nice gritty black and white that captures the sometimes bleak periods of fall.
#26 'Terraced Field' by dara. 10/26/97. Olympus E-510.
John - A nice areial shot. The repeating diagonals and the intesity of the colors is what sold me on this one.
Tatu - Nice unreal colours, somehow graphic. The foliage by the sides greatly adds to the feeling that we're watching the field from above hill.
#28 'Lady In Red' by samsojon. 10/21/07. Olympus E-1.
John - Why technically unique: macro/close up shot, isolating the leaves from the surroundings Why emotionally appealing: The red leaves against the green background is a lively combination, lifting what could other wise have been a dull subject.
#31 'Waiting for the storms of the fall and winter' by Caver. 10/13/07.
Jens - Technically, I think this photograph is a bit special as it is taken with backlight although there sre plenty of detail in the shadow as well as in the sunlit parts.
The photographer has clearly put a bitof effort into the taking as the DOF and exposures are spot on. I like the composition a lot and I was actually surprised to discover that it breaks a lot of the standard rules (which just proves that those rules are for situations when one can't decide on anything better).
Why is it emotionally ettractive?... Well, that is a personal judgement and I guess, to me, it has to do with my childhood which was spent at such a beach for long periods.
#33 'Last Fruit' by kentomas. 10/31/07. Olympus E-510.
Henk - The tight crop and long shape of the image and the nice matching colors of the nice subject make this an excellent number two.
I could not make up my mind on number three, there are so many great
entries that really deserve that place.
#38 'Cold & Lonely by Bita lake' by Hudsonhites. 10/19/07. Olympus E-1.
greslizzz - Why technically unique: Probably Olympus colors has to do something in this picture: it transports You to that place.
Why emotionally appealing: Very relaxing view.

#2 'Le cutess' by Noise Filter. 10/11/07. E-500, Iso200.
#5 'Mr. Squirrel' by srf4real. 10/20/07.
#6 'Red and Green' by snaarman. 10/20/07. E-400.
#7 'Leaves' by mikemxyzzy. 10/09/07. E-510.
#8 'Pressure Release' by TomServoCA. 10/20/07. E-510.
#9 'One Man's Heaven...another Man's Hell' by Durbanite. 10/21/07.
#11 'Ravenglass Station' by pjphoto59. 10/20/07. E-1.
#12 'Local farm market' by bg2b. 10/21/07. E-1.
#13 'Autumn Sunshine in Cornwall, UK' by JohnM. 10/20/07. E-400.
#14 'Colors of Halloween' by deevee. 10/09/07. E-1.
#17 'Autumn & Bicycles', by JACalvo. 10/12/07. Olympus E-300.
#18 'We are outta here' by Bob K. 10/21/07. Olympus E-300.
#21 'VESTIBULE' by Travis Voels. 10/19/07. Olympus E-410.
#22 'Leaf Blanket' by hamster. 10/22/07. Olympus E-500.
#23 'The Road to the Top' by Jim M. 10/25/07. Olympus E-510.
#24 'Autumn Sunset- Bayfield' by oddmanout. 10/21/07. Lumix L1.
#25 'Quiet Time' by Ddaside88. 10/24/07. Olympus E-500.
#27 'Hyde Park Leaves'. markky99. 10/27/07. Olympus E-330.
#29 'Fungal Fireworks' by acme. 10/27/07. E-330.
#30 'Misty Tree' by www.scottvision.ie (http://www.scottvision.ie). 10/06/07. Olympus E-500.
#32 'Autumn's Glory Before They Fall' by Blayne. 10/22/07. Olympus E-1.
#34 'With Sugar On Top' by Mick Finn. 10/20/07. Olympus E-330.
#36 'Down into the Storm' by windsprite. 10/06/07. Olympus E-510.
#37 'Berry Bush' by Pontiac005. 10/31/07. Olympus E-510.

11-05-2007, 05:44 PM
I just wanted to say congrats to Jebir for an excellent photo. Truly outstanding, you deserved to win this contest.

11-05-2007, 06:21 PM
Congratulations all, they're great images.

11-06-2007, 01:07 AM
Congratulations Jebir, we know how difficult those birds are to photograph. Trees are much more easy :)
This month Scandinavia won!

11-06-2007, 04:38 AM
Well done Jebir, and indeed all the entrants. There was a high percentage of stunning images in this contest.


11-06-2007, 03:05 PM
Thanks to everone for the congratulations.

Also, I'd like to thank Ann and Tony for arranging this contest and for getting in sponsors for the prices. And... not to forget the judges who take their time and effort to scrutinize the collection of images each time to make a decision.

I'm thrilled that I now have one free year at SmugMug - I never considered getting such a subscription but now when I look into it, it seems more and more attractive.

Finally, I'd like to say that without the feedback I recieved over in the "Photo feedback" forum, I would certainly not have submitted this version of the image - it is a "Highly Recommended" experience.

Cheers, Jens.

11-07-2007, 07:29 AM
Congratulations to the winners and especially to jebir for an exceptional piece of art! All of the entries were top notch. Good work everyone!

11-08-2007, 06:49 AM
Congratulations to all the winners. Jebir, that is a very nice image.
Keep on the good work people.

11-15-2007, 08:05 PM
Wonderful images, everybody, especially in the top four. Congratulations to Jens and the other winners.

11-22-2007, 10:20 AM
Sorry for the late comment.
Congratulations to Jens and the other winners and participants.
Ann, thanks for your kind comment.