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11-23-2007, 03:38 PM
We have 2 winners. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Theme for the 1st half of this month was Streets.
1st place winner has first choice of prize.

The contest photo gallery is located here:



#13 Road to Nowhere. By hamster.
#13 Road to Nowhere. By hamster.

Voting comments:
Tatu: The pic is just so perfect, probably should be printed it out as a poster :)
John W: This is a great composition with excellent control of the depth of field. The old truck looks like it's just waiting to return to the road and head up over the hills. The road's curves are echoed in the curves of
hills and the whole image has a sway (for a lack of a better term).
Jens: I like this shot for its tonalities and the interesting scene. Although it is nice as it is, I'd have placed the car to fill maybe maximum 1/3 of the frame and given a bit more space to the road - considering the theme of the competition.
Mark: Why technically unique: Perspective – dominant front of truck takes the left half of the image, whereas the road/street barely features. Big and useless. The photographer is encouraging us to believe this truck ain’t going nowhere.
Why emotionally appealing: Use of colour - virtually only 2colours used, which simplifies the image – orange/brown and blue at opposite ends of the spectrum.
AnnF: Why technically unique: Very good composition with the old truck being placed in the lower corner, leading the eye into the shot where a road seems to go nowhere.
Why emotionally appealing: I love the rich colors in the sky. It makes me want to be there to explore what's beyond the fence and hills.
Noise_Filter: Why emotionally appealing: What a nice landscape and it also matches the color of the car.

2nd Place Winner:

#1 The Streets of Chicago. By olyinaz.
#1 The Streets of Chicago. By olyinaz.

Voting comments:
Tatu: this one is a "Classic looking" night shot.
Greslizzz: Why technically unique: Clear and clean, nice lighting and colors
Why emotionally appealing: Nice to see the squares in the night.
Jens: It simply is technically unique (anyone tried to take a shot out the window of an aircraft during the night..?) and it is emotionally appealing!
Jens: It simply is technically unique (anyone tried to take a shot ot the window of an aircraft during the night..?) and it is emotionally appealing!
Noise_Filter: Why technically unique:Taken from plane.
Why emotionally appealing: This is nice and how much more street can this get?

3rd Place:

#19 Silver Necklaced Highway. By Windsprite.
#19 Silver Necklaced Highway. By Windsprite.

Voting comments:
Tatu: This pic has that "something". Got my #1 vote :)
Mark: Why technically unique: Use of tone, but also the highlighted power lines, parallel with the road/street help lead us into the picture. Subtle but deliberate (I think!) use of vignette, and direction arrow supports this.
Why emotionally appealing: Muted tones – this is a gentle easy-going road, you’re just swinging along. Only vibrant colour (red), is kept to a tiny part of the image.

4th Place:
#5 Streetlighting - Artificial vs Natural. By Lord Emit.
#5 Streetlighting - Artificial vs Natural. By Lord Emit.

Voting comments:
Tatu: I like to shoot simple things like this myself. Great title! Love that bluish gray sky and the single bit of color, the lamp.
Jens: This shot is well seen and I like the fact that it is taken at dusk/dawn so that the sky isn't pitch black. The photographer has placed the two light sources nicely in the frame and he utilized the diagonals to make the shot pleasingly looking. However, if it was my shot for a competition, I'd have cloned out the power cable.

Honorable Mentions:
#2 Macau Alley. By Johannes.
Greslizzz: Why technically unique: Nice blue tones
Why emotionally appealing: A zoco in China, interesting!
#4 Empty Street. By jalladj.
John W: So often we come at streets and roads from a purely urban context. The snow covered road going over the edge of the horizon and the brooding clouds make me ask, "If it's so isolated here, why is there
so much traffic?"
#6 - Assafx - Going Nowhere?
Comments:Noise_Filter: Why technically unique: B&W
Why emotionally appealing: Very dramatic, i love it. Good work
#7 Pirate. By pjphoto59.
John W: This is a nicely post processed image. What really makes this work
for me, as noted above, is with a scene crowded with people, people
really isolate themselves into little groups. You'll notice that
people are just scurrying by old Pirate Pete and paying him no
notice, in fact, most are looking away, almost in embarrassment.
#8 The Bay. By Deevee.
Greslizzz: Why technically unique: Professional work.
Why emotionally appealing: it connected with me.

#3 Silicon City. By Acme.
#9 Cold morning train. By bg2b.
#10 Street vendor. By Blu-by-u.
#11 Suburban street. By Kentomas.
#12 Promontory Street. By Pontiac005.
#14 Don't look back in anger. By scottvision.
#15 IR street. By gregmacg.
#16 Winter Street. By Northern horse.
#17 On the road to Damascus. By Noise_filter.
#18 Civic Duty. By Hudsonhites.

11-23-2007, 09:01 PM
I'm pretty much speechless. Thank you so much!!! I'm thrilled!!!

11-23-2007, 11:08 PM
Well what a wonderful surprise! Thanks all.

My hat's off to #1 also - what a great shot!


11-24-2007, 01:16 AM
I am so glad and surprised I got the honorable mention, Thanks all and will keep hard working to make more better pictures.

11-24-2007, 04:19 AM
Great shots Oly and hamster !
congratulations to you and the rest.


11-24-2007, 05:02 AM
Wow! I'm stoked to score 4th place - didn't expect anything like that after seeing some of the other great photos entered. Thanks all :)

Very nicely done to 1st-3rd places - awesome shots.

11-24-2007, 06:40 AM
Its a great job to all. Congratulation to the winners.

11-24-2007, 07:07 AM
I feel honored to have placed third amid all this month's great photos. Thanks everyone, and congratulations to Hamster and Oly on your stunning images.

12-02-2007, 02:16 PM
Let me first say that I hate the world because I forgot this one, since I love street photography, while I secondly have to say that the photographs are simply excellent, the winning shot should get a really big print on quality paper.