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12-06-2007, 12:01 PM
The last contest of the year.

We have 2 winners. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Theme for the 2nd half of this month was Motion.
1st place winner has first choice of prize.

The contest photo gallery is located here: http://www.43photo.smugmug.com/gallery/3840217


#19 Splashdown in blue. By acme. 11/30/07. Olympus E-330.
#19 Splashdown in blue. By acme. 11/30/07. Olympus E-330.

Voting comments:
Noise Filter: Why technically unique: Moving object
Why emotionally appealing:I love water cause every shot we get is unique.
jaeae: Obviously, this one will probably win. Nice!
smogu: Why technically unique: motion captured/freezed well.
Why emotionally appealing: nice shades of blue without noise.
Jose: For a non original series, but hard to do so good.

2nd Place Winner:

#1 Stick Work 2. By zbahu. 11/02/07. E-500.
#1 Stick Work 2. By zbahu. 11/02/07. E-500.

Voting comments:
Jose: For a good idea, perfectly executed really following the aim of the contest: MOTION.
Ann: Why technically unique: True motion in the shot while retaining the stillness of the rest of the subject.
Why emotionally appealing: I can actually see the motion and at the same time feel its affects.

3rd Place:

#21 Speedy Model Train. By Pontiac005. 11/29/07. Olympus E-510.
#21 Speedy Model Train. By Pontiac005. 11/29/07. Olympus E-510.

Voting comments:
Noise Filter: Why technically unique: Moving object
Why emotionally appealing: What a nice idea for motion, plus christmas is coming. Very original.
Ann: Why technically unique: This shows the subject in motion.
Why emotionally appealing: One can see that the train had actually passed by once already and it's coming around yet again. The blurred effect gives an actual feeling of the train in motion.

TIE for 4th Place between...:

#5 Birds on the water. By Luke. 11/22/07. E-300.
#5 Birds on the water. By Luke. 11/22/07. E-300.

Voting comments:
Noise Filter: Why technically unique: Moving object
Why emotionally appealing: How hard is it to get 16 birds in motion in the same little area? Nice shot Luke i realy like it.
jaeae: I think this one suits the theme the best. Excellent timing.

#16 Cargone. by Noise Filter. 11/15/07. Olympus E-510.
#16 Cargone. by Noise Filter. 11/15/07. Olympus E-510.

Voting comments:
Ann: Why technically unique: Another true motion in effect. The background in still in focus while the viewer can see the motion of the lights from the moving vehicle.
Why emotionally appealing: I like the mood of the lighting and haze in the
background. There is nothing distracting my eye from the subject.
Tony: Very creative shot, having the tail lights truly show off the motion of the car. Really this shows motion to me.

Honerable Mentions:

#18 Evening Express by windsprite.
jaeae: Hmm I think this too suits the theme the best :) Motion, in the calm sense.
#23 Morning Traffic. By AnnF. 11/13/07. Olympus E-1.
Tony: Ann I really like this shot of the early morning commute. At least you guys are traveling the "right direction" So traffic seems less. When I was thinking about what I would shoot, it was traffic too. So looks like we were on the same wave length.
#25 Tag. You're IT! By NrthrnHrse. 11/30/07. Olympus E-510.
Tony: Northern horse - with your kids in motion, reminds me of trying to photograph my son. Always moving, and never staying still. Really it is a good capture, showing the busyness of childhood.

#3 Flowing at midnight. By greslizzz. 11/18/07. E-1.
#4 Water Taxi. By hestamm. 11/16/07. Olympus E-1.
#6 In full motion at China Beach. By deevee. 11/23/07. Olympus E1.
#7 Atlantic Princess. By pjphoto59. 11/27/07. Oylumpus E1.
#8 Why isn't it moving? By bg2b. 11/19/07. Olympus E-1.
#9 Go with the flow. By mick_finn. 11/22/07. Olympus E-330.
#10 Morning Glory. By srf4real. 11/10/07. Panasonic L1.
#11 Fingers. By gregmacg. 11/28/07. Olympus E-510.
#12 Winter Sports. By Viperman500. 11/24/07. Olympus E-500.
#13 A Pin Holds All. By Blu-by-u. 11/27/07. Olympus E-330.
#14 I am the one in motion. By Johannes's. 11/15/07. Olympus E-410.
#15 Time in Motion. by LordEmit. 11/30/07. E-510.
#17 Trucking, by Hudsonhites. 11/30/07. Olympus E-1.
#20 A pair for the ages. By Changeling. 11/19/07. Olympus E-510.
#22 A little early morning cold liquid motion. By wrwcfa. 11/23/07. E-330.
#24 The morning wash. By BdaBoy. 11/18/07. Olympus E-3.

12-06-2007, 06:14 PM
Congratulation to all participants and many thanks to Tony and AnnF for giving us the opportunity to win something out of our images and for keeping the contest organized. These contest here at fourthirds, really did help to keep the creativity going at many levels and i sincerely hope that 2008 will be as challenging and fun as it was this year. See you next year monthly contest players.



12-06-2007, 06:34 PM
Congrats on the winners. There were alot of great entries. The contest theme was a challenging one and brought out alot of creativity as we can see in all the entries.

12-06-2007, 09:17 PM
I'm very surprised to have won, in competition with such images as produced by zbahu, srf4real, and others. I can't claim my antiseptic entry has anything like the same emotional appeal.

The biggest difficulty in giving water drops some visual interest was establishing suitable lighting. Smoother light demanded more diffusers and higher power output from the flash, which in turn lengthened its pulse until it could no longer freeze the action. ISO and aperture were already set as large as I could reasonably go, so I had to compromise somewhat.

Another surprise was that fl-series flashes are able to fire many times within a fraction of a second when set on low power levels. I had to rework my firing circuitry to prevent the flash itself from triggering the circuit, to avoid a disco strobe effect.

Thanks to all the voters who decided a macro photo could win such a contest!

12-06-2007, 09:56 PM
Congratulations to all! Nice set of images.

12-07-2007, 02:23 AM
acme, you deserve it, you know my feeling is, though the water drop freezes in the photo(s), but we can feel it is dropping, and that makes us feel good and feel right, same to the judges I think.

The worst one is mine, because I thought I made a bad joke that I am in motion.:tongue:

12-14-2007, 10:22 AM
Congratulations to all.

12-18-2007, 08:41 AM

Congratulations to winners.:D:D
very good job great idea too.