View Full Version : Photoshop Tip of the Week #35

12-14-2007, 09:37 AM
<p align="center"><strong>Change Screen Mode</strong></p>If you work in the Standard Screen Mode in photoshop, I think you will like switching to the Maximized Screen Mode.Standard Screen Mode.<img src="http://www.blackcanyonsystems.com/PSTips/Week35a.jpg" width="600" height="449" />To change the screen mode to the Maximized Screen Mode, right click on the "Change Screen Mode" icon on the tool bar (it is the bottom icon). This will give you the option to select the Maximized Screen Mode.<img src="http://www.blackcanyonsystems.com/PSTips/Week35b.jpg" />Once you change to the Maximiz...Read more here. (http://www.fourthirdsphoto.com/blog/?p=118)