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01-17-2008, 01:46 AM
The JJC RM-E1 with reflector.

Last year I lost my RM-1 in a snowbank, and I decided an Olympus replacement was too expensive, considering the number of times I used it. Nevertheless, a remote does come in very handy when it's time to do family portraits, so I went online and found one on Ebay.

Price paid:
I picked this one up for a whopping $4.50 plus $5.45 for S&H. It's kind of sad when the shipping costs more than the item.

It's not much different than the Olympus one, but seems slightly longer. The battery compartment is a bit rough and tight and isn't as easy to open as the RM-1. A small felt case for the remote is included, with the JJC logo on the velcro flap. The case has slits in it for a strap in case you wanted to attach it to something.

The RM-E1 comes with a little plastic doodad (see pictures above and below) that I had no idea what to do with for a while. It wasn't mentioned on ebay or on any of the documents that came with the package. I finally realized that it's a reflector panel that allows you to use the remote from behind the camera. Just attach the reflector to your lens with an elastic band in front of the IR port, with the smooth side facing back! This is a very handy little device. I'm not sure if the sold-separately Olympus RM-1 comes with such a reflector, since I was one that came bundled with my old C-2040. I also don't know how well it works with cameras other than the E-500 because I'm not sure where their IR ports are located.

The reflector attached to the 35mm Macro:

A view from behind; note how reflective the plastic is:

Quality & Performance:
The controls are identical to the RM-1 and the performance seems similar, though I haven't done any real tests with it, and I didn't use the RM-1 much either. It's not very useful in direct sunlight or under fluorescent light - basically the same limitations as any IR device.

I have left the remote sitting, unused, for almost 3 months and the battery still has a charge, so you don't have to worry about removing the battery during storage.

Overall, this seems like a great replacement to the RM-1, and the reflector alone is worth the price of picking one up if you already have the RM-1 but are annoyed by the IR port placement on your camera.