View Full Version : Computer & Related Equipment Toshiba HDDR200E02X Ext HD

02-15-2008, 07:16 PM
I bought this Ext drive to go with my Toshiba A75 Laptop. I bought it because it was inexpensive and it would store a lot of digital photos. I've had it about a month. Naturally, it is even cheaper now than when I bought it! I paid about $100 US for it and I've seen it on some web based shops for as little $80 US.

It's quiet, and it doesn't get hot. It is quite small, maybe 3 X 6 inches and very light. There is a blue LED on the front of the case that lights when it is recieving power which then blinks brighter when the drive is being accessed.

It has a socket to accomodate an external power supply but it didn't come with one. I believe the HDDR200E01X did. So if you want an external power supply, you will need to buy the older, slightly more expensive version or buy a power supply on your own. To be fair though, I've never felt it was underpowered by relying on the USB port for power.

I've read that the older HDDR200E01X did not work that well with some Macs. That you really needed to use it with the external power supply rather than rely on a powered USB port. Being a PC guy, I have no way to test if this flaw has been resolved in this new powersupply-less version. Nor do I know (or even have an opinion!) if this is a Toshiba flaw or an Apple flaw. Again, I've not felt that it is underpowered by using the Toshiba's powered USB2 ports.

The OEMed software is a generic and adequate backup title. Nothing special, but it gets the job done. I installed it, played with it a bit and uninstalled it as I don't really need something like that. Thre was also a 30 day trial of ripper software, I didn't even load this as I already own the Sonic software RecordNow Deluxe which I am satisfied with.

Data transfer seems quite speedy thru a USB 2.0 port, at least it doesn't seem to slow down my graphics software any (Lightroom, ACDSee V8.0, and Photoshop Elements V5).

On the whole, I'm quite satisfied with it and I would buy it again.