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02-24-2008, 10:05 PM
I finally purchased a Billingham bag after reading about them over the years. I got mine from B&H for $325 plus shipping. Most would say that it is too much to pay for just a camera bag. Until I had used one, I would have been in agreement. For me the bag is an ideal companion on various shoots. It is very adaptable and comfortable to use.
With mine I carry along my E3 (sometimes also either my E1 or E510) and a regular set of lenses. This set includes my favorite 150mm, 14-54, 11-22, 1.4 tele, 25mm extender, the FL-50, spare batteries and several gigs of memory cards. I still have room for a wired release cord, lens cloth and other small items.
The features that appeal to me most are the flap that folds over the top of the bag and the way the top opens up for quick access to my gear. I can tuck the zippered part aside, yet still have the flap cover the bag while shooting.
As others have written elsewhere on the web, the bag doesn't stand out and advertise itself. Only those who know of this bag would know what is stored within. Then again, one could carry just about anything in it.
I am sure it won't be the last camera bag I buy, but it is definitely my most used one.
Having three different bags now, there is always room for more before I begin tripping over them.

02-24-2008, 11:02 PM
Lovely bags. I have a Billy L2 which I like a lot, but it's a little small for what I find myself wanting lately. I added a Domke F5XC (a new model) to my bag collection.

Bags are a worse addiction than cameras. ;-)


11-27-2008, 01:18 PM
I have develped a camera bag theory, that no matter what bag is used, it'll always be filled to the point that it is uncomfortable, unwieldy, and ultimately unusable. Accordingly, I've tried to limit my camera bags to small models, capable of carrying a camera and maybe 2 lenses, at most, to limit the overall load. The Think Tank Speed Racer or the Kinesis M550 are good examples that can carry an E-3 with the battery grip and one or two lenses. But there are times when I want to carry my E-3 (and grip) 2 or 3 big lenses, so I was at a loss until I got this bag, the Billingham 306. It's just the right size to carry my camera and the 7-14, the PL25, the 150F2, FL50, 1.4 and 2.0 TC's. Even when fully loaded it's remarkably comfortable to carry, I think primarily due to thin padding. The lens partitions that come with the bag are a little too snug for me, but I found ways to make them work.

Pros: Comfort, appearance, and "just right" sizing

Cons: Cost, small partitions (at least for HG or SHG lenses), and, did I mention the Cost?!

PS: I ordered this bag from Adorama, as their price included free shipping. Upon delivery, the wrong bag had been shipped (not really their fault, as it was improperly labeled) but they emailed me a return label and in less than a week I had the right model on my doorstep.