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03-12-2008, 04:01 AM
Finally, after buying various bits and pieces, finding a suitable site and "pruning" vegetation from the field of view, I have my first relatively successful 3D image of some clouds.

I used a pair of E-410's, with 14-42mm lens at 14mm, mounted on tripods and separated by about 100 metres. I triggered one camera with a long range wireless remote, and the other with a standard cable release.

I'm presenting the image as a triplet, Left-Right-Left. In other words, for parallel viewing use the left image and the centre image, and for Cross-eye viewing use the centre image and the right image.

Any questions, please ask.



heavy wind lover
03-12-2008, 07:43 AM
looks good Alec, the cross eye really produces a nice 3D photo,,


03-13-2008, 04:15 AM
Derry, my audience of one,

At the risk of boring you, I present another 3D cloud image.
I pruned some more trees and was able to make the foreground land a bit more interesting.
The cloud viewed with the naked eye, in 2D, looked plain grey and rather boring, so I wasn't expecting this detail to show in 3D. Quite fascinating, I thought. Again a Left-Right-Left triplet.



Henk Peter
03-13-2008, 05:00 AM
Derry, my audience of one

Interesting result Alec, please can you explain why the cameras have to be so far apart? Is it necessary for getting a good 3D image?

03-13-2008, 05:31 AM

Basically the separation of the cameras depends on the distance to the nearest object in the picture. Usually you work on a 1:30, or 1:50 rule.

Clouds are somewhere between 1 Km and 6 Km away, lots of variables there though.
Assume 3 Km, because the maths is easy. 3 Km divided by 30 = 100m, so that's a starting point.
In my case I just happened to have a couple of hilltops 100m apart.

I've tried to include some land in my pics, to act as a visual anchor and to add something recognisable. But it's very important not to have the nearest land too close, because it becomes very difficult to focus on.
Again I was lucky and was able to see over the land immediately in front of the cameras. The nearest land in the pictures is about 1 Km away, and is still a bit close really. You may notice some difficulty in focussing there.

It's basically a case of a few guidelines and a lot of trial and error.


03-13-2008, 06:48 AM

The stratified nature of the clouds becomes so clear. Who could have dreamt of that before crossing the eyes?

I'll have to give this a try some day.

Thanks for sharing this Alec.

Cheers, Jens.

heavy wind lover
03-13-2008, 02:46 PM
Alec, interesting to see how the hazy area snaps out more when viewed cross eye,, sure adds the depth to the photo,,