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05-27-2008, 08:36 AM
I use Praktica-B lens on my OLYMPUS E-330 through the universal adapter "any lens" to OLYMPUS 4/3:



http://oly43club.ru/_images/adapters/XXX/practicar.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/adapters/XXX/practicar.jpg)

http://oly43club.ru/_images/adapters/XXX/practicar_vid.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/adapters/XXX/practicar_vid.jpg)

OLYMPUS E-330 + Carl Zeiss Jena МС Prakticar 50/1.4:

all photo no PP, "as shoot"!

http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_bohe_2_res.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_bohe_2_res.jpg)

http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_bohe_1_res.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_bohe_1_res.jpg)

Interesting and beautiful soft-effect on f/1.4 in studio portrets:

http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f1_4_res.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f1_4_res.jpg)

http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_soft_effect_f1_4_%20kristi%20copy.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_soft_effect_f1_4_%20kristi%20copy.jpg)

for the best perception look full-size photo:


Excellent sharpness on f/4 and f/5.6:

http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f4_res.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f4_res.jpg)
Compare with f/1.4
http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f1_4_res.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f1_4_res.jpg)

http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f5_6_res.jpg (http://oly43club.ru/_images/prakticar/Prakticar_studio_f5_6_res.jpg)

full-size photo:


06-03-2008, 02:02 AM

That lens is almost a spitting image of my Pentax 50mm f2, but the Pentax images are nothing to write home about. And I still don't understand how that little circuit board works.



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08-04-2008, 06:12 PM
Wow! Great shots. Beautiful saturation on the flowers and I love the way you basically get a built in softar ar 1.4. Very cool. Will they ship to the US? I'd love to try one of the adapters.

08-04-2008, 10:03 PM
And I still don't understand how that little circuit board works.

You screw in a lens, it makes electrical contact, and the camera says "hi, who's there?". The adapter board says "hi, I'm a lens, and my focal length is ##mm" as well as some other required info like serial number and min and max f-number -- all lies, of course, except the focal length. Then when the camera sends a command to the lens, e.g. to adjust the focus, it pretty much just lies and says "okay I did that", even though it can't do anything.

So all it does is make the camera act the way it does when it has a recognized lens installed, instead of the way it does when there's a legacy lens installed. On the fourthirds bodies what that means is a focus confirm light rather than not bothering to use the AF sensors at all, and on pre-update E-510s and E-3s, the ability to enable IS. On some other (less enlightened?) cameras that won't even attempt AE with a legacy lens, the chip also makes A mode usable instead of leaving the photographer with only M.

And the reason they come with warnings that say "don't use mode X or twiddle control Y, or else your camera might lock up or weird things will happen" is because they naturally can't emulate the whole protocol perfectly, and there will be some commands that they don't handle properly -- and the camera itself isn't equipped to deal with a lens that doesn't do those things right, which means its own internal state machine gets out of sync -- thus the lockups or general weirdness.