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07-16-2008, 04:58 PM
The winners of the June 2008 Photo Contest "GLOOM".

1st & 2nd prize winners please see this link (http://forum.fourthirdsphoto.com/showthread.php?t=37739) to choose your prizes and send me a PM.
1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place winners will be entered in the POTY (Photographer Of The Year) contest at the end of the year.


First Place Prize Winner with 104 points:
Dead End by Viperman500

2nd Place Prize Winner with 68 points:
Alone by Madmax40


64 Points:
Midnight Gloomy Presence by Marc VanderArk

and with 24 Points:
Cold Embrace by Parallaxkid

Judges' Comments

1. Dead End

Subject: The best, I think, of the genre (foreboding skies and dark foreground).
Creativity: It’s probably an old theme, but conveyed reasonably well.
Composition: I would have preferred something more dramatic; perhaps with a headstone being more prominent, rather than the shot looking a tad like a general landscape shot.
Lighting: I wonder how the shot would have looked like if actually taken closer to night time and at a long exposure?
Technical: A good conversion and night time effect achieved.


Subject: This was definitely a gloomy looking setting!
Creativity: Creative use of black and white
Composition: nice composition with good leading lines
Lighting: Well lit for the subject
Technical: All the technicals in place


Subject: The dark clouds make this a gloomy shot
Creativity: Good combination of cemetery and gloomy clouds
Composition: The angle of the stones work well in this image
Technical: The black & white conversion is very nice


Subject: the sky and content fit the subject
Composition: the use of a WA and the parallel lines in the sky and row of tombstones help make a good composition
Lighting: the foreground would be more dramatic if darkened


Subject: It struck me as gloomy right off.
Creativity: I think it was creative in that all the gloomy clouds are moving in the same direction as the cemetery landscape.
Composition: I like how my eye is drown to the lower corner, then off into the gloominess.
Lighting: Good use of lighting only on the front lower tombstone.
Technical: Perfect exposure IMO for setting the mood.

Alone by Madmax40

Subject: I think this was the only submission that really had the human element trying to convey gloom.
Creativity: Had the subject been posed slightly differently, such as with the head lowered, but the hand and slat at the same position, it would have been more dramatic.
Composition: Tightly cropped and a nice balance overall.
Lighting: Nicely lit light to illuminate the important bits.
Technical: Focus appeared sharpest on the hand, but otherwise no issues.


Subject: Very nice use of the subject!
Creativity: Definitely used thought on this
Composition: Nicely done
Lighting: Well lit for the subject
Technical: Technicals are all in place


Subject: it fits sad / melancholy
Creativity: well thought and executed
Composition: everything seems in the right place and balanced
Lighting: suits the subject and well done
Technical: could not have done it better, though that is no reference point

Midnight Gloomy Presence by Marc VanderArk
Henk Peter

Subject: Like I said the only gloomy image.
Creativity: Creative use of blur.
Composition: nice composition with use of trees for frame
Lighting: Excellent lighting to create the gloomy mood.
Technical: Nice conversion to B/W


Subject: The gloomy setting and a beautiful girl make this image
Creativity: The lines of the light make me want to study the image
Composition: Very creative cropping of this image
Technical: Nice lighting of the main subject without a lot of spill light


Subject: fits the subject very well
Creativity: the blur adds drama
Composition: nicely framed
Lighting: dark and “gloomy”
Technical: good execution

Cold Embrace by Parallaxkid

Subject: even though I am totally against skinny models I must admit that this one (sadly) fits the subject
Creativity: very well executed shows sadness and melancholy
Composition: the lines make an interesting and balanced composition
Lighting: the light emphasizes the feeling
Technical: very good B&W conversion

Deserted Playground by Pontiac005

Subject: fits the subject, has something threatening
Creativity: well spotted
Composition: good lead-ins, balance OK, not so happy with right side
Lighting: to much “nuit americaine”, a technique used in films to shoot night scenes in daylight
Technical: the grain adds to total picture

South Okanagan Lake BC Canada by SiB

Subject: The use of HDR did bring a gloomy look to the scene
Composition: It was a little centered as far as the water and land intersected
Lighting: Interesting use of HDR
Technical: Technicals all looked fine

It's Gloomy Out Tonight by Zbahu

Subject: The gloomy setting and a beautiful girl make this image
Creativity: The lines of the light make me want to study the image
Composition: Very creative cropping of this image
Technical: Nice lighting of the main subject without a lot of spill light

07-16-2008, 06:17 PM
There were some spectacular submissions last month... congrats to all the winners! :)

07-16-2008, 07:22 PM
WOW, I'm so happy of the results!! I actually planned the shoot to this cemetery for the last week of June... Of the 50 shots I took, this is the last one. I'm glad I brought my 3 lenses and am especially happy about the performance of the 11-22, the lens used for this picture. I was lucky some clouds gathered at the end of the shoot.

Thanks again! Congratulations to all the others too.

07-17-2008, 06:12 AM
Congrats to the winners :D

07-17-2008, 10:12 AM
Just goes to show that lurking in graveyards can be a productive activity :)

Congrats to the other placers as well, there were a lot of fine images in the gallery, so thanks to the judges for their efforts too.