View Full Version : Book/Movie/Software/Instructional "How to Photograph Your Life", by Nick Kelsh

07-27-2008, 01:55 PM
This is a fairly short and easy book; I read it in the course of a couple of hours. It's organized as a series of "How to photograph [insert situation]", with a typical amateur photo, a more effective photo illustrating some technique or idea, and a couple of paragraphs discussing the difference.

A lot of it may be familiar advice to some, but I personally found it useful as a reminder because I tend to fall into the "amateur" trap occasionally. For example, taking pictures of a group around a table from a sitting position is something I've done, even though abstractly I knew it wasn't a good idea. Seeing this discussed (along with another photo taken from a higher vantage point) brought one of those "what an idiot I am" moments, but hopefully I'll remember better next time.

Situations covered include things like "the first day of school", "a baby in a bathtub", "fall foliage", "your dog", and "something to sell on eBay"--generic things that lots of people might want to do. The book is not going to turn you into Joe McNally, and it's not for a seasoned pro, but I think I got my money's worth even though I've been trying to learn a few things about photography over the last several years.

07-27-2008, 01:57 PM
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