View Full Version : Assignment #20: Stability

09-22-2008, 10:22 PM
Thank you for your support.
- Stan Jones, Bozeman, Montana

For the first time, this assignment isn't about your camera, it's about what you put under it. For the next two weeks, let's get back to basics and good practice, and always use some sort of camera support. It doesn't matter if it's a tripod, monopod, or a beanbag, the idea is that we don't relent from proper procedure until it becomes second nature. Speed and convenience is for snapshots, not photographers: do it right.

And we'll see if it helps.

So for the next two weeks, really really really try to use a tripod, monopod, or some other support whenever you use your camera. Night or daylight, street or landscape, use a support for the advantages it gives you with sharpness and composition. Use this thread to share your favourite photos and experiences with this particular challenge.

Thanks for your support!

10-03-2008, 02:20 PM
I shot this using the chair and pillows in my hotel room while I was in Taiwan. Since I didn't bring a tripod with me from the U.S., and I wanted this shot really badly from my hotel room window, I improvised. I would say that I didn't do too badly.

E-1, f/2.8, 1.6s, ISO 100, No Flash
Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan