View Full Version : Digital Lenses Micro 4/3 glass anyone?

11-18-2008, 03:05 PM
With the new Panasonic G 1 almost at my door I am seeking the 50-200 mm telephoto, which should b available fairly soon.

But I want to know who else makes m4/3 glass NOW, and if anyone has any idea what is coming into the pipeline in the next six months or so. I am going with m4/3 because I can no longer stand to schlep heavy cameras and lenses, but I really like FAST primes and figure something like a 10 or 12 mm f/1.4 or f/2 would be OK to add to the camera bag on the wide end and maybe a 30-50 mm fast prime lens for low-light stuff (tho I suspect the standard kit zoom will be just fine for most portraits)... THEN I MIGHT want something VERY long for bird photography... and suspect that a doubler (or tele-extender) will not work well on the f/4.5=5.6 tele zoom (when it comes)...

Seems to me that getting Zuiko or Panasonic 4/3 glass and an adapter for m4/3 would add all sorts of added weight & complexity (plus any tele-extender might not work with the adapter, anyway...)

Solid information and/or guidance appreciated, supposition is cheap, and I have plenty of that on my own.--Mike