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12-25-2008, 04:56 AM
<style></style>Hello, I am a student of graphic engeenering and design and I am interested in dslr cameras and their testing. Therefore, I chose "testing dslr camera lenses" as a topic of my master work. I found Imatest software very usefull for testing sharpness, chromatic aberration, noise and dinamic range, but the problem is that I am a beginner and do not how to interprete Imatest results from SFR and Stepchart moduls. I carefully red all the instructions from Imatest web page, but I did not find what I need - detailed interpretation and reference values (for rating lenses). I would be more than thankfull if someone could provide me such examples and explanations (by sending me links or documentation itself to milkrej@gmail.com).Thank you in advance.

12-25-2008, 05:22 AM
You are entering a difficult area of analysis. Popular Photography Magazine slightly changed their methodology some years back from a purely objective to a hybrid objective-subjective plan. This has resulted in the reputedly best lab analyses of all the readily available ones.

The purely empirical tests they used to make; and which others still do, are sometimes misleading. For example a lens can show flaws such as to make it seem to be inferior when use of it, abetted by years of experience with many lenses, demonstrates that actually it is quite excellent.

You might want to discuss with someone of considerable experience and sound judgment concerning this subject whether you really should continue with your stated goals. It might not be your best course in life. On the other hand, the experienced hands are aging and must be replaced by new blood.

Just be aware that a lot of reading followed by a little hands-on experience in a lab will not produce a competent analyst. However as an assistant, one can certainly excel. Another day he can advance up the ranks of expertise and responsibility. If he can be so patient.

I'll bow out, as I am neither a scholar nor a professional photographer. There are plenty of wise souls on this forum who surely can give you a good and sufficiently complete answer.