View Full Version : Legacy Lenses Tamron Twin-Tele 135mm f2.8 (Taisei Kogaku)

03-25-2009, 05:03 PM
Tamron Twin-Tele 135mm f2.8 (Taisei Kogaku)
serial - 380606
f range 2.8 - 22
focal range 1.5 - 30 meters - infinity
12 blades aperture
M42 mount
58mm filter

A remarkable lens from Japan, very sharp wide open, of the famous zeiss inspired design with preset aperture. It's well made, all glass and steel, with excellent color and contrast. The optics in this lens are amazing, it is simple and it works. It's bokeh and colour rendering are brilliant and it's as sharp as a razor. This is one of the mythical lenses of the days of lore, and hard to find even on ebay. There is about 340 degrees of rotation on the focus ring. The lens came with a 2X adapter as well. This series of lenses (model 680) were made between 1962 & 1969. The included tele converter is shown in the picture. This gave the kit the twin tele name.

03-25-2009, 05:05 PM
Here are the samples, First the Daisies plate at f2.8 and f8 to show sharpness open and stopped down The Green gnome is showing the bokeh at f2.8 and f8. The Tree shows the CA at 2.8 and f8. The statue and the girl/flower are at f8.