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09-10-2012, 08:07 AM
Up for sale is some of my most cherished 4/3s gear! Up until now I held on to this gear because I really didn't want to let go of these bodies because they're just absolutely amazing in terms of IQ and I've produced some of my best images with this gear. But since my switch to full frame two years ago, this gear has been sitting in my shelf and barely sees any use. I'd much rather that someone put them to good use as opposed to letting them sit on my shelf.

First up, my beloved Olympus E-1 + SHLD-2 vertical grip ($325):

This combo needs no introduction, many still consider this as the best 4/3s body ever and I count myself in that minority. This camera has produced some amazing images and prints that have always confounded me and others considering they came from a 5MP camera!

NOTE: This camera has been recently serviced by Olympus and has new grips, so it effectively looks and feels like BRAND NEW! I'd ideally like to sell the grip and body together.


Second, the venerable and much under-rated E-330 ($195)

This body is really somewhat of an enigma, it easily has the best live-view I've ever used on a DSLR to date! The dynamic range is actually pretty amazing, especially when combined with modern software like Lightroom 4. I can easily pull back about 1.3EV in the highlights and the shadows can easily be pushed by up to 3EV without any discernible noise. None of the newer live-view bodies, in my experience, have shown this kind of DR. I've constantly been stumped by how this body hasn't been more popular. Another notable thing about the E-330 is its tendency to get WB and colours spot-on! Personally, I find this to be a true successor in terms of IQ to the E-1. This body would be a perfect complement to any E-1 or E-3 user.


I can check for shutter counts on both bodies if needed, but I can assure you they're very low. I'd estimate the E-1 to be about 2K and the E-330 to be about 5-6K, so they're both relatively low in terms of use.

I'll accept payment through Paypal as gift, S&H is included in the cost. I live in NYC, so in case you're local and would like to transact in person, I'm OK with that too.

09-12-2012, 11:19 AM
This is quality legacy gear in excellent shape, prices lowered to effect sale.

09-14-2012, 07:07 AM
Come on guys! I'm open to offers, this is some really nice gear that I don't wanna see go to waste.