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    Camera Topics Re: Should Olympus make a larger sensor?

    None of my current ZD or MZD would be compatible with it, unless they do the A7 number, and even so, I've heard there are compromises with microlenses.

    Other than shallower DOF for portraits,...
  2. Lens Topics Re: A wider future for Zuiko lenses- brought to you by Sony???!

    You know, Sony makes a fine sensor, but somehow their camera systems just never seem to be quite the sum of their parts. Lots of buzzwords, but in the systems and the photos that their systems...
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    Camera Topics Re: "One Beautiful System" coming in September

    What you'll probably see within a month will be an OMD sized camera with a larger grip, and the MMF3 adapter. PDAF on sensor should speed up ZD autofocus, to what degree remains to be seen. I suppose...
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    Camera Topics Re: I want my cake and able to eat it too.

    Supposedly... there are two bodies from Olympus, due late next summer or early next fall. One will be a full 4/3 body of unknown configuration, other than it will probably not be just an E5 with the...
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    Other Techniques Re: Aquarium Pictures

    I shot quite a few aquarium photos with my E3 or E330, 50M and STF22 macro flash. It takes some trial and error to get the right balance of aperture and flash level - put the flash in manual mode and...
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    Chit Chat Re: Thank you my friends... I'm moving on.

    Can't say I blame you... I used to think Leica gear was hideously overpriced, until I got a PL25. Granted, it only hints at what the better Leica M glass can do, but it did change my opinion with...
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    Camera Topics Re: Latest roadmap posted by Olympus

    One does have to wonder why Oly would invest in a larger 4/3 body when their OM-D has done so much to hammer intermediate dslr sales. These days, the hot item is either a cheap (by their terms) FF...
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    Camera Topics Re: Help me win the "crop sensor" argument

    'Crop sensor' refers to legacy film glass used on APS DSLR's. The APS DSLR was originally developed for two reasons:

    A 24x36 sensor was larger than most chip fabricators could handle. Custom...
  9. Lens Topics Re: 4/3 Zooms 2 Leica 14-50 1 Sigma 18-50 f2.8...on m4/3 body more light than m4/3 zo

    Keep in mind that the better 4/3 lenses: HG/SHG and PL, have a telecentric light path, which accounts for some of the increased lens barrel size. Supposedly, the new thinner sensor with shallower...
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    Camera Topics Re: Olympus, New Body Shape?

    My guess is - the OMD-Pro, or whatever it is, will have a slightly larger body in the OM style (which I happen to like, it's a refreshing break from the Jell-o styling so popular with dslr's), and a...
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    Camera Topics Re: Sensor/camera talk...

    Another personal experience... going from E1 (Kodak sensor) to E330 (Panasonic sensor), the shots did seem to lose just a wee bit of 'warmth'. Not a huge difference, but the old E1 could render a...
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    Chit Chat Re: Anti Doom, gloom & speculation.

    I love the gloom and doom, it has let me pick up some excellent ZD lenses at prices that would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago. I bought the EM5 last April. Since then, I have bought...
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    Camera Topics Re: 43rds is gone

    All this VF angst has me puzzled. When I got the EM5, I was pretty impressed with how good it was, and forgot completely about OVF's when I stated PP'ing the RAW files. In all fairness, I wasn't...
  14. Lens Topics Re: 50mm Macro with MMF-3 and OM-D, focus issues

    The 50M wasn't the greatest AF lens on a 4/3 body for me. If it wasn't so sharp, I wouldn't have put up with it, but to the best of my knowledge, the 50M is at best a grumpy AF'er on either system. I...
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    Camera Topics Re: IS on the OMD

    I've also been very impressed with the EM5's IS system, definitely better than previous efforts.

    Here's one, using EM5+ZD 50-200 @ 200 handheld, around 1/50 shutter I believe.

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    Lens Topics Re: Other micro four thirds lenses

    What I've seen from other owner reports, regarding Panny lenses on the EM5:

    20 1.7... can exhibit banding at higher ISO's.
    7-14... can show large purple spots when used on the EM5, and a direct...
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    Camera Topics Re: 43rds is gone

    I've been using a gripped EM5 with HG and SHG glass (and my beloved PL25) since last April. There are only two things I absolutely would change about this setup:

    1. Bring ZD AF up to speed.
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    Lens Topics Re: 50-200 non SWD lens...good deal or not?

    I had an interesting experience regarding E3 and OMD focus speed.

    On the OMD, the 50-200 is... okay for static subjects. You can cut AF speed quite a bit by manually prefocusing behind the...
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    Lens Topics Re: 50-200 non SWD lens...good deal or not?

    Actually, the non SWD 50-200 is the preferred model on the EM5. Apparently, the SWD version tends to bang the focus mechanism around when AF'ing on the EM5. I kept my old 50-200 and use it quite a...
  20. Chit Chat Re: Please Give Us Input On What You'd Like To See Changed, Included, etc.

    I'll toss out a few more here...

    Really, don't break 4/3 and M43... I use both, though these days it's usually EM5+HG/SHG ZD. Slower AF and all, if you own HG/SHG glass, you should have an EM5, it...
  21. Chit Chat Re: Used ZD Lens Value Drop, But Another Positive Note


    You're correct in that AF on a new M43 body with PDAF on sensor isn't going to be any faster than on an E3/E5. The focus motor speed, and the size and weight of the glass, is the limiting...
  22. Chit Chat Re: Used ZD Lens Value Drop, But Another Positive Note

    Keep in mind that prices on HG/SHG have taken a dive in the last year. I have bought three in the last few months, largely for use on the OM-D, when I normally get a new lens about once ever 1.5...
  23. Chit Chat Re: Used ZD Lens Value Drop, But Another Positive Note

    That's about it - carrying with the 50-200, the EM5 is a bit nose heavy. Not unmanageable, but not quite E3 or E5. It will pivot downward when the combo hangs from the shoulder strap.

  24. Thread: EPM-2

    by TrapperJohn

    Camera Topics Re: EPM-2

    Get the MMF2 or 3, so you can borrow it and try out your ZD's. That way you can see what the Sony sensor can do with good ZD glass in front of it.
  25. Chit Chat Re: Used ZD Lens Value Drop, But Another Positive Note

    Yes, I found that the larger ZD glass on Pen body was just plain clumsy. Especially with the 50-200, I had to shift my right hand to work the zoom ring, just not enough body to grip, it would pivot...
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