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  1. Chit Chat Re: Funny how one thing leads to another, sigh...

    ...check online for Mirage Omnisat speakers, I've been using a set of Mirage Omnisat's for the last 3 years connected up as my home theater system, they are definitely the most balanced speakers I've...
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    Camera Topics Re: Olympus E-1 vs E-M5, Legend vs Upstart

    ...have to say that, although I loved my E-1 and had two of them (still have one) I never had anyone come up and ask me about them. If anyone ever made a comment it was a canikon shooter making...
  3. Camera Topics You all need to read this - "getting ahead and staying behind" Kirk Tuck the title says, take a few minutes to read what Kirk has to share in one of his blogs, here's the link:
    The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: Staying ahead and getting behind. Why the current...
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    Lens Topics ZD SHG 14-35 & 35-100, sell or keep?

    Hello again everyone,

    ...if this sounds repetitive, then please pardon my questions regarding these lenses. I really need to know what to do with them, so my questions are:
    -are they truly...
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    Camera Topics Re: How long did it take to get your E-M5?

    I had asked my favorite store to notify me as soon as they had one, I went in the day they called and bought it, that was July 2, it was probably a couple weeks between asking and buying. I went in...
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    Lens Topics Re: New 4/3 lens are coming

    ...and it will have to offer something significantly greater than what is featured on our OM-D's to keep us interested. My OM-D's completely outclass my E-5's, which are currently for sale, they are...
  7. Lens Topics Just bought my 2nd OM-D - do I keep the kit lens?

    ...well, this morning I went in to the camera store I deal with to put more stuff on consignment and there it was, sitting on the counter still in it's box, another OM-D EM-5. I had already made...
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    Camera Topics results of my 1st trip with new OM-D

    ...just returned from a week of shooting with my new OM-D EM-5, my camera bag was packed with the E-5, 12-60, 50-200, the OM-D with its 12-50 and a newly acquired slightly used mZD 40-150. After...
  9. Lens Topics Saw a used m4/3 40-150, what are they like?

    ...popped into my favorite camera store today and they have a m4/3 40-150 on consignment for less than half of what a new one is going for. I just got the E-M5 last week with the 12-50, I'm new to...
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    Lens Topics Re: my 4/3rds stuff, should I bail?

    ...and that is what I was hoping to hear, after reflecting on things I really don't want to get rid of all of my Oly glass, particularly the fast lenses, if there's a future for them. The basic laws...
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    Lens Topics Re: my 4/3rds stuff, should I bail?

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    Lens Topics my 4/3rds stuff, should I bail?

    ...ok folks, after having this little gem for just less than a week now, I am truly enamored with this camera, to my way of thinking, this is what they originally promised when they first introduced...
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    Lens Topics Re: How high would you go?

    ...hey Trapper, how are you going to use a 35-100? I already have the 35-100 but haven't tried it out using the adapter yet, just yesterday I attached the 50-200 and 12-60 onto my new EM5 to see how...
  14. Chit Chat Re: Luminous Landscape front page features EM-5 / 12-60 photo was Micheal Reichmann's review of this camera that actually caused me to take a much closer look at it and turned pondering and consideration into actually buying one. If one has followed LL...
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    Camera Topics Re: I was bitten by the EM-5...!!

    ...right now they (Olympus Canada) are offering a 100% rebate on the adapter if you buy the body and 12-50 kit lens, so the adapter is a freebie. I do want a lens hood and think it's really cheap of...
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    Camera Topics I was bitten by the EM-5...!!

    Hi everyone, 1st post since the makeover of our site. OK, what have I done...??!! I asked my favorite camera pusher to let me know if/when they got an OM-D/EM-5 in, they called over the...
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    Re: I'm not standing in line

    Hi Mike,
    ...can you 'illuminate me' on what you're referring to with regards to the 510's "joke metering system"? I'm still trying to figure the 510 out, my 500 didn't give me this much 'trouble'...
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    Re: Why do people....

    ...ok, I'm one of the guilty parties, so I'll get rid of it for you, seeing as its causing so many so much's way too short...have a nice day!
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    Avid 510 users, what are your settings?

    ...please forgive me for asking about this again, but I'd like to hear from some of the new 510 owners just what they decided to use for the various settings on their new toys...
    ...important things...
  20. What are 'proper' settings for my new 510?

    ...ok, it's here, my store got 8 of them in yesterday and now one is mine, all I've done so far is play with it at my dining room table, my first impression is how nice it fits in my hand. So the...
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    Re: Beggars Belief!

    ...well Ray, this reminds me of something my father used to say quite a lot: "The only problem with common sense is that it isn't really very common."


    Lorne Miller
    E-1, E-1 with HLD-2,...
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    Re: Alfas and Fiats

    ...oooh, brings back lots of memories, I've had two Alfa's and three Fiats. My Alfa's were both GT coupes, first one was a '69 1300 GT Junior and the second a '71 1750 GTV. One of the Fiats I drove...
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    Re: E510 Autofocus Test Shots

    Hey there Kelly, how are things going in Winnipeg?

    I too am awaiting my E-510, they say it could arrive as early as next week, depending on how things go with the distributor. All the evidence...
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    Re: Where are you preordering your 510?? local store hasn't got them listed as available from Olympus yet, so I simply notified them that when they are listed, please order one for me asap.


    Lorne Miller
    E-1, E-1 with...
  25. Re: All your thoughts on the 35-100, decision time, I need to know.

    Thanks Joseph, this time it is a rather moot point, as I bought the lens last week. I've been using it now for several days and I'm like a pig in mud, this thing is wonderful. I'm not a...
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