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    Re: Cormorant Portraits

    Very nice shots and I also enjoyed the commentary.
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    More u/w support for the E-410

    Apparently, Ikelite is planning on selling an u/w housing for the E-410. See:
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    Re: Got Water?

    But, hey, it's a dry heat!! Nice shots!
  4. Re: F/U to ? on Polarizers - You saved me a lot of $$

    Thanks, I am not expecting miracles here but they (I actually picked up two, the other fits the 40-150) will give me a chance to play with them a bit and see how they work. Worst case scenario, I am...
  5. F/U to ? on Polarizers - You saved me a lot of $$

    Thanks everyone (especially OzRay)! You saved me a bunch of $$.

    Without your input, I would have believed that I needed a circular polarizer. So, the one and only camera shop in town is having a...
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    Re: Circular Polarizer??

    Thanks, everyone. I knew I could count on you to give me good, practical advice based on experience.
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    Circular Polarizer??

    Okay, I admit that I am a relative newbie at this stuff (especially the DSLR stuff). A friend of mine has been taking some photos (sorry, not 4/3s) that have been knocking my socks off. So, I find...
  8. Re: Olympus PT-E03/E-410 Review on Wetpixel


    Thanks for stopping in and answering questions. I enjoyed your review and wanted to share it with the folks here. Take care.
  9. Re: Olympus PT-E03/E-410 Review on Wetpixel

    As far as I know, there has not been an announcement by Oly that a housing will be produced for the E-510. Also, last time I checked the Ikelite site, there didn't seem to be one in the works.

  10. Re: Olympus PT-E03/E-410 Review on Wetpixel

    Yes, he seems quite pleased with the combination. The small size could be a real benefit.

    It seems to me that the IS would be a benefit u/w so I will be interested to see if anyone (Ikelite?)...
  11. Olympus PT-E03/E-410 Review on Wetpixel

    Phil Rudin posted a review of the Olympus PT-E03 and E-410 Review on Wetpixel. Thought I would share.
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    Re: Just for the first try

    Another me too. I like both shots. I also agree about the sapling.
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    Re: Saint Bernards and Whippets

    Great photos! #1 is my favorite as well.
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    Re: Explain the Port Extension

    The port extension allows you to use the Olympus EC-14 1.4x teleconverter underwater. Basically, what it does it extends the port (where the lens goes) from the u/w housing to accommodate for the...
  15. Re: You would have thought I would learn (broken E-330)....

    So far, so good. Once again, thanks. I will get out in some better light and take some more. Your help is much appreciated.
  16. Re: You would have thought I would learn (broken E-330)....

    The glass seems okay. So far, no noticeable impact on the photos. It is dark now, I will do some more test photos tomorrow. Seems to focus back and forth fine. The focusing motor noise does seem...
  17. Re: You would have thought I would learn (broken E-330)....

    Good call on the live view boost. I looked at the orfs. Unfortunately, higher resolution didn't help the photographer's skill either. But, it looks like everything is working. I didn't remember...
  18. Re: You would have thought I would learn (broken E-330)....

    Well, everything through the viewfinder seems fine and I took a couple of test pictures where the only problem was the photographer's skill. But the LCD seems to be alternating between b & w and...
  19. You would have thought I would learn (broken E-330)....

    After Ozray's post about lessons learned and the tips for shooting fireworks warning to make sure people wouldn't trip over your tripod......but no.....

    Last night I had a near disaster. I call...
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    Re: Ater the rain

    Very nice...I really like #3!
  21. Bodies / Media Re: Olympus Evolt E-510 Digital Slr

    Very nice examples of the IS and excellent report. I only have one question about the above quote....have you been talking to Noone??? :hmm::D
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    Re: E-510 Card size limitation?

    I have had no problems with an 8gb card in a 330. It would surprise me if it would be different with a 510.
  23. Re: What's in the "subscribers only" section?

    But, if we told you, we would have to......
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    Re: A coupe of shots from the dry lake.

    And here I thought I was going to get a landscape shot that was posted in the wrong forum. :) Nice shots!
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    Re: Info and the new Pro Body...

    Done. Thanks, Tony.
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