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  1. Camera Topics Re: Wow, SD is a LOT slower than CF isn't it?

    A high-end SD card (Transcend, Lexar, etc) rated for the highest speeds available should be just as fast or nearly so as the best CF cards. If it's established that you have a good card, then it is...
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    Digital Darkroom Re: Suggestion for Cloud Backup Service

    On the other hand Crashplan probably has offsite backup of their own, and possibly a failover DR site. If something happens here in MN, Crashplan will probably host their services out of state.
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    Other Techniques Re: Scanning a snapshot to make copies

    What media are you scanning? A print? Negative? Slide? If it's a neg or slide, don't use a flatbed. See if someone can scan it for you using a 35mm scanner.
  4. Re: Olympus EVOLT E-510 Body with Four Lenses, Battery, Charger, and USB Cable (L.A.,

    According to forum rules you must list a price. I am mentioning this because if a Moderator sees this they might delete your post immediately.

    Here is a link to the buy/sell rules:...
  5. Where to buy? Re: Finally gonna bite the bullet - Silver OMD 12-50

    Personally I'd do a used 14-54mm MkII instead of the 12-50mm. Haven't used it first hand though, so I'm not certain how it handles.
  6. Chit Chat Re: SITE IMPROVEMENTS: New Dark Skin Available

    Darker than what I was expecting, but it does the job. At least it's not black on white. Also the links are thankfully an obvious color difference from plain text. I didn't like how some other themes...
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    Other Techniques Re: Aquarium Pictures

    I don't have fish, nor have I photographed them. But I would try using a polarizing filter to eliminate haze from shooting through glass. I would also try using a flash connected via cable and held...
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    Camera Topics Re: Output Image file

    I agree. More so, RAW is to a negative whereas JPEG is to a Polaroid instant print. You're getting right out of the camera a more convenient ready-to-view image, but it is of lower quality and less...
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    Camera Topics Re: Output Image file

    Shooting RAW gives you the greatest flexibility. You can always generate TIFF or JPEG files later from the RAW file, but not vice versa. You can adjust white balance after the fact, and have a...
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    Lens Topics Re: Mff2 + ec-20 + 12-60 on om-d e-m5

    I know the EC-14 worked fine with the 12-60mm on the E-510/E-1. Also, the 12-60mm was tolerable on the E-PL2 with adapter. I'd assume it should work together, it just won't be easy to hold or quick.
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    Camera Topics Re: OMD questions

    I will always do this. I let someone borrow my camera and they changed the aspect to 3:2 and I didn't notice while shooting. Luckily the RAW stores the entire frame, but I had to use an EXIF tool to...
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    Chit Chat Re: SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Graphics Changes

    While I like the new logo, "Four/Thirds" is not official terminology as far as I'm aware of. It should probably be "Four Thirds", "FourThirds", or "Four-thirds". Considering that is what is used on...
  13. Chit Chat Re: What kind of prizes would you like to see given to Contest Winners?

    I would just want recognition.

    Now that I think about it, why not give out forum memberships, such as what you get at the Super Supporter level.
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    Business Topics Re: Website complications...

    Loaded pretty much instantly in Google Chrome. Was less than half a second in Firefox (latest) and IE9. Looks the same in all three browsers, didn't notice any problems.
  15. Other Accessories Re: OT - Computer Issues with Google Chrome

    I've uninstalled chrome from systems before without this happening. It can be a case by case basis. There are many things I don't like about Google Chrome's default settings, but after tweaking to my...
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    Lens Topics Re: Nikkor 105mm f/2.5

    As with all lenses designed for 35mm cameras, you will see a cropped section of what you would typically see when using the lens on a film camera. It will give you the field of view similar to if you...
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    Lens Topics Re: Nikkor 105mm f/2.5

    There's a few different generations of that lens. I don't know much about them. Some of the earlier versions have sold cheaper than that on ebay in various conditions, but if it's clean and is not...
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    Camera Topics Re: USB charging for XZ-1/2

    Devices DRAW amperage from a power source, the power source doesn't PUSH it. It doesn't hurt to have a power supply that is capable of providing more power than the device will suck up.

    You don't...
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    Camera Topics Re: Recomposing and it doesn't focus

    Switch to using Center AF point only. Make sure you're not letting go of the shutter (staying half-down) while recomposing. Try not to change the distance of the camera to subject while recomposing.
  20. Chit Chat Re: Your ideas for a new Tagline to include Micro Four/Thirds.

    I too, like it simple and to the point.

    The one suggestion I must make is to use official terminology and punctuation only. Such as what is used on Four Thirds. In their domain name they...
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    Lens Topics Re: Other micro four thirds lenses

    I feel I must mention that I don't find the 20mm F1.7 slow to focus at all. No, it's not a sports lens, but for snapshots and the things that 20mm is good for, I don't need any faster.

    I never use...
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    Camera Topics Re: Bought an e-5!!!! lost my USB cable

    I've used all kinds of aftermarket cables and never had a problem. I'm assuming when you mention "amplified cable" you're referring to an "active extension" and/or "powered hub"? Those should only be...
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    Camera Topics Re: Keeping your lenses safe in the cold

    Yes, this.

    Also, keep the gear in the Trunk, less heat there usually.
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    Where to buy? Re: Buying a good yet affordable monitor

    I have two U2410 monitors here at work. I can highly recommend them. I can also recommend the ZR2440. For years I used an HP L2335 at home, which I recently passed along to someone as I upgraded to a...
  25. Poll: Chit Chat Re: Merging 4/3 with 4/3

    While I have participated in such threads, I believe I've done so on the side of those waiting for a new body, not calling the system dead.

    I have to disagree with the statements about most people...
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