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  1. Chit Chat useful blogs

    The Online Photographer has to be the best site on photography that I know. Michael does an excellent job discussing photographers and photographs, while keeping enough hardware talk in there to...
  2. Lens Topics Prime vs Zoom

    As I very much like fast primes, this comparison makes the 300mm f/4 all that much more appealing to me. I agree, for most purposes most people will see little if any difference. I still want that...
  3. Camera Topics Re: a continuing saga

    Oh, I did not buy the Nikon Coolpix A because I think it will be more reliable. I decided that the incredible $499 price at B&H yesterday made it worth the effort to take a look at a larger sensor...
  4. Camera Topics Re: a continuing saga

    I ordered a $499 Nikon Coolpix A today with two-day delivery. Going to take a long hard look at larger-than-4/3 sensors. Now I'll have a camera for this trip that offers premium image quality.
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    Camera Topics Re: Olympus repair is hopeless

    The first three trips this year, "making it right" was to return a defective repair. As far as this fourth trip, it has been six days since I mailed the camera to Karl Watanabe, and no one has...
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    Lens Topics Re: Headed to Europe - MF Lens choice

    It depends upon your goal. Is it speed only? Speed and wide angle? Based upon the two possibilities you offered, I'd suggest the M.Zukio 17mm f/1.8. It gives you two stops of speed over your kit zoom...
  7. Camera Topics a continuing saga

    Reviving this thread: Well, my E-P5 died for a fourth time since mid-August. It has suffered three trips to Olympus America repair/service. The repair sheet from the final trip indicated that the...
  8. Camera Topics Re: Olympus E-P5 hard reset? Is my camera dead?

    Ahh...well...I was occasionally able to temporarily revive my E-P5 by shaking it a bit while powered down. But every time I revived it, it would fail and shut down within 5-20 minutes. So, back to...
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    Camera Topics Olympus repair is hopeless

    I'm going to make a very strong statement here: Olympus America repair is absolutely horrible and useless. I had my E-5 into Olympus five times in 2011 and I was eventually told they could not...
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    Micro 4/3 Re: The other site

    I'm a member over there since 2004, BUT I cannot help you here. I thought I'd just give you a bit of moral support. Good luck! :)
  11. Camera Topics Back from Olympus

    I got my E-P5 back from Olympus repair yesterday, Oct 13th. Works beautifully at this point. Two weeks turnaround. What I wanted to relay to you folks is that, despite having purchased the camera...
  12. Where to buy? Re: commercial photo labs for 4:3 aspect ratio shooters (us!)

    I can certainly crop to a 3:2 or 4:5 aspect ratio. It just so happens that I have a current need with an image that is indeed "perfect" in its native 4:3 aspect ratio. So, I asked the question hoping...
  13. Where to buy? Re: commercial photo labs for 4:3 aspect ratio shooters (us!)

    I will call Bay tomorrow. They advertise prints and basic mounting for those sizes, but as soon as any of the fancier work is involved, the price listings drop any 4:3 options. So, yes, a call is in...
  14. Where to buy? commercial photo labs for 4:3 aspect ratio shooters (us!)

    Is there an online photo lab that offers full printing support for 4:3 aspect ratio shooters? All I can find is a modest support for those of us who want to print a full frame 4:3 image. When it...
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    Camera Topics Re: Strange new problem with my E-M1

    I had front wheel problems with my E-P5; skipping badly. In other words, the camera was ignoring a large percentage of the wheel clicks. Apparently wheel issues are common with the E-M1 and E-P5....
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    Lens Topics Re: Panasonic G6 Lens question (new here)

    The Sigma is supposedly a very good lens. It is/was off my radar because I like fast glass (f/2 or faster). For that reason alone I forgot to mention it. The Leica 45mm f/2.8 is another very good...
  17. Lens Topics Re: new Voigtländer 10.5mm f/0.95 lens coming ...

    An honest question: What purpose does a 21mm equiv f/0.95 lens serve for a still photographer? I cannot imagine it's going to be fully sharp wide open. If its purpose is shutter speed, I can...
  18. Camera Topics Back to Olympus

    My camera died. The reset that I thought worked was a fluke. Something terribly wrong has happened inside. When I shake the camera, it feels like the entire insides thump around. Sometimes the camera...
  19. Camera Topics Doing it for your wife

    Never admit that you like it. Never. It's all about her, right??? :rolleyes: Of course, you'll have to take it out and use it a LOT in order to be able to help her when she has a question; it's all...
  20. Camera Topics D-Lux, LX100, and X2

    I agree that the Leica version is more handsome. I like that raw in that camera is DNG rather than Panasonic proprietary. That's a small issue, I know, but I like it nonetheless. The three-year...
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    Lens Topics Re: Panasonic G6 Lens question (new here)

    I'll be short here, and largely echo Edmunds:

    M.Zuiko 75mm f/1.8 - fabulously sharp, quick focus but I have a bit of trouble with AF in low contrast + low light
    M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 - very...
  22. Camera Topics Does the new Lumix LX100 / Leica D-Lux qualify as a 4/3 camera here?

    Lumix LX100 and Leica D-Lux introduced at Photokina

    These cameras have a 4/3 sensor (crop 2.2x), so I assume it's "legal" to discuss them here. ;) I'm likely to order the Leica version with custom...
  23. Camera Topics Re: Olympus E-P5 hard reset? Is my camera dead?

    Aspens are just starting to turn these past few days. I was hiking up to 12,800 ft last Saturday and saw only a few turning aspen, certainly nothing worth photographing. I suspect leaf peepers will...
  24. Camera Topics Re: Olympus E-P5 hard reset? Is my camera dead?

    Thank you, Daniel. I will work through those instructions at lunch today. I'll let everyone here know what happens.
  25. Camera Topics Olympus E-P5 hard reset? Is my camera dead?

    Hi folks,

    Is there a hardware reset function for the Olympus E-P5 that I can activate at power-up? I seem to get half way there by holding the OK button at power up, but not all the way there.
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