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    Chit Chat Re: photo: Corvair

    The Mark I Corvair was known as the Ralph Nader Special after his book that identified a rollover potential greater than other cars of the time. The Mark II Corvair, a '65, saved my life and that of...
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    Landscape/Outdoors Re: Spring in Saskabush

    One more tease, from "northern" California, Don. I've been out twice photographing early season wildflowers. :thumbup:
  3. Thread: Arc Rock

    by Tony Finnerty

    Landscape/Outdoors Re: Arc Rock

    Beautiful, Leigh, an impressive result from the XZ-1. This looks like where I photographed a wedding on the east shore several years ago, but it was too early in the day to get such a gorgeous...
  4. Wildlife Re: Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California

    Cool photos of a great experience, Ken. I especially like the closeup of the whale spouting (#7).
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    Macro Re: Western Redbud closeup

    Thanks, Jim and Halfwright.

    The buds are coming, Jim. I've been photographing wildflowers on the Buttermilk Bend trail for years. Last week I got out earlier than previous years and was...
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    Macro Western Redbud closeup

    Native to my home in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills, Western Redbud (Cercis occidentals) has reached it's spring glory.
  7. Macro Re: Very portable m4/3 + 4/3 macro flash system for hiking

    You got up close and personal with that 90mm Tokina lens! Is the fly casting a shadow, behind and to the left? I wouldn't expect that from a ring flash.
  8. Macro Re: Very portable m4/3 + 4/3 macro flash system for hiking

    I got the Macro Twin Flash instead of the Ring Flash so that I could model the light, giving me more options than the flat lighting from a ring flash. I've never used the SRF-11.

    Two FL-36Rs is a...
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    Macro Poppy beetles

    Taken on my first outing with my new m.Zuiko 60 mm macro lens on the E-M5 + FR-2 Flash Adapter Ring + Macro Twin Flash. I described this great rig in a Discussion thread.
  10. Macro Very portable m4/3 + 4/3 macro flash system for hiking

    In past years I've used the 50-200 mm f/2.8-3.5 + Canon 500D filter-mount closeup lens for macro work, preferring it to the 50mm f/2 lens because of increased working distance while retaining optical...
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    Landscape/Outdoors Re: Sun-kissed Pears

    Great lighting can't be captured better than this. Although the less manicured working orchard of your childhood appeals to my sensibilities, the carefully tended look and the curving walkway add...
  12. Poll: Chit Chat Merging 4/3 with 4/3

    I just posted this before I saw the new thread, but it fits here:

    Chit Chat Please Give Us Input On What You'd Like To See Changed, Included, etc. - Page 5
  13. Chit Chat

    Now that it appears the route Oly will take to merge 4/3 and 4/3 into one sweet system will be making native 4/3 bodies with in-body PDAF to autofocus 4/3 lenses as fast as on 4/3 bodies:

  14. Chit Chat Re: Please Give Us Input On What You'd Like To See Changed, Included, etc.

    Ann's efforts to revive this forum bring me back from lurking. I stopped participating here for several reasons. I had been seeing fewer posts and less response about issues that interest me, and...
  15. Micro 4/3 Re: A couple of questions to see if I buy the E-M5

    The flash bracket is optional. It is used to reduce redeye and to keep the flash direction consistent when switching between portrait and landscape views. The camera flash shoe is standard - most...
  16. Micro 4/3 Re: A couple of questions to see if I buy the E-M5

    I photographed an event with the E-M5 + 14-54Mk1, using the FL50R on a bracket with a cable connection, for fill flash photos of arriving guests in front of vintage cars that were, regrettably,...
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    Lens Topics Re: ZD SHG 14-35 & 35-100, sell or keep?

    Hi Lorne. I've used the ZD 35-100 with the E-M5 for about 2700 shots at five low light concerts. It takes 2 seconds to AF. The hit rate (sharp focus) is about the same as with E-30 PDAF, ranging...
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    Landscape/Outdoors Re: Cayucos Pier

    Spectacular colors and lighting! I love the way the pier picks up the colors.
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    Weddings Re: My hat is off to those that...

    Great job, Clint! Those over-bright backgrounds aren't too bad, and actually work for the high key closeup shots.

    I agree with others here - wedding photography is hard. If you are the...
  20. Portrait Re: Studio Photography with EM5 and 4/3 lenses- pros/cons?

    I'm using the 35-100mm f/2 lens on the E-M5 for shooting low light concerts. The AF hit rate in low light is about the same as PDAF on the E-30 with this lens, getting worse in lower light for both...
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    General Re: Rhonda At Kealia

    Beautiful skin tones and balance of flash with ambient light. Only in #4 does the flash overpower the model, but I bet that can be fixed in post.
  22. Landscape/Outdoors Re: E5, Dramatic Tone filter and a thunderstorm

    At first I didn't like these photos and then I realized that I was trying to see traditional landscapes, which your images don't want to be (grammar cop alert). Then I looked at them again as...
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    Camera Topics Re: Support of large SDXC cards

    I'm using two of the same SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64GB cards with my month-old E-M5. Their speed astonishes me, compared to CF cards on my E-30, both in-camera writes and transfers to my confuser. My...
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    Landscape/Outdoors Re: Cliffs of White Bay

    I've been using the E-M5 for a month now. At 3869 photos, I'm on track to wear it out in 2 1/2 years, which is my average camera replacement rate. I don't have any m4/3 lenses yet (Panny 12-35 is...
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    Landscape/Outdoors Re: Cliffs of White Bay

    That 'golden hour' thing works, eh? :yes: The clouds draw the eye to the golden cliff.
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