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  1. Zuiko 14-54 Lens Mark II Contrast/Phase detection focus f2.8-3.5

    This is the 14-54 Mark II version of the fast lens for 4/3 Sensor. I have been using it on the OM-D E-M1 which is the mirrorless chipped to use both methods of AF built into this lens. The MM3...
  2. Re: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Body Silver in new box All components included.

  3. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Body Silver in new box All components included.

    Selling an excellent condition 5337 Shutter count EM-1 with all the new stuff in the box it came in. Camera in excellent condition, having shot a custom car show two weeks ago. This is a Body only...
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    Lens Topics Re: Weatherproof lens for E-1

    A bit off on price...

    I've been buying the first 14-54 commonly called the Mk I repeatedly for the last year on eBay for $100 to $175. Usually in near mint condition. I am buying a MKII and expect...
  5. Lens Topics Re: Question on lens purchase to meet my micro 4/3 high grade lens desire.

    Well, I find that using the EM-5, The fotasy adaptor ($50 new) and the first version of the 14-54 is pretty good for my purposes. The lens grabs focus, without hunting and nails the focus in 2-3...
  6. Lens Topics Question on lens purchase to meet my micro 4/3 high grade lens desire.

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question about meeting certain requirements for lens needs using 4/3 lenses, and an 4/3 - m4/3 body... (EM5).

    Budget constraints drive the approach I am...
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    Chit Chat Re: 43 Rumors Trojan Virus


    Download Malwarebytes... Only safe place to down from is the publisher site... NO OTHER LOCATION

    Down load the paid version... $24.95. Install it. It...
  8. Other Accessories Re: best adaptor for full use of the Zuiko 14-54 I on the OM-D EM-5

    Thanks for the responses Don....

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    Re: Wanted: Antique DSLR || E-1 :-) ||

    Well, still enjoying mine, but doesn't meet your requirements. Have a fun and amazing 136,000 plus clicks on it.
  10. Other Accessories best adaptor for full use of the Zuiko 14-54 I on the OM-D EM-5

    Shopping for Auto Focusing adaptor, and will consider third party, to use my first series Zuiko 14-54 on my OM-D EM-5.

    Presuming Olympus MMF-3 better option, would like to pay less for next best...
  11. Lens Topics Which 4.3 lens of three focus best on the EM5

    I still have my low count E-1 which has been a great camera for me. I just picked up a very low count OM-D EM-5....

    Until I get some money ahead to buy some good lens options for the OM-D, I want...
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    Lens Topics Re: 4/3 lens full list?

    Goes way beyond just the Olympus Lens list, and may be more than you bargained (or asked for), but how about this list.

    This is a very large list even before...
  13. Thread: Fungus

    by saichiez

    Lens Topics Hmmmm???

    That's very interesting. Is it possible for a lens that new to grow fungus. What are the circumstances for fungus on a lens that new, and has it been in the bag with any other lenses. I've been...
  14. Camera Topics Re: DIY pin straightening in E1 memory card slot.

    I finally gave up after opening the camera, getting to the slot, straightening a few pins to have most break off.

    On the $239 repair, I found an under 300 count E-1 and it's original 14-54 lens on...
  15. Thread: A Net Exodus?

    by saichiez

    Business Topics Re: A Net Exodus?

    Somebody mentioned Olympus Fanboy, Fanboy being the operative word that really PO's many when applied to specific camera MFRS.

    I heartily accept that at one time, many years ago, I was happy to...
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    Camera Topics Re: Hekkuvadeal! I think!!


    Thanks, I'll explore that. I do shoot floral and some closeup for bokeh and that firmware would be a good thing. Appreciate your reply

    I did buy and ultimately sell two of the E-400...
  17. Thread: A Net Exodus?

    by saichiez

    Business Topics Re: So, where's that E-7 Olympus?

    Olympus has made plenty of "death blow" mistakes... according to the competition over the years.

    The OM-1 was predicted to be a "death blow". as Olympus did not make the OM-1 "bricklike" enough...
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    Camera Topics Hekkuvadeal! I think!!

    Just picked up an E-1 plus a 14-54mm Mk I lens. Camera had under 300 shutter clicks, and seller says Lens and Camera were a kit new. Both camera and lens were version 1.0 on firmware.

    Paid $265 on...
  19. Camera Topics Re: For those that jumped ship and changed systems...(contemplating)

    Might interest you to be aware that you can visit Nikon and Canon forums and find many people contemplating "Jumping ship" and some of those are contemplating Olympus EM5 and the EM1.

    There is no...
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    Micro 4/3 Re: E-M10 announced!

    Well, sold my E-PL5 clearing the deck for an EM5, but started watching this camera about three weeks ago. Now it's here, and I like the price and the sensor and the process engine out of the EM-1. I...
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    Camera Topics Re: Problem with finding shutter count.

    Got it .... Thank You.
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    Camera Topics Problem with finding shutter count.

    Am preparing to sell my E-PL5. I know the shutter count is low, but want to verify it. Have located numerous lists of switch functions to use, pretty much all the same, but not working for me.
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    Chit Chat Re: GX7 ... thots and such

    Interesting thought that.

    Frankly, I've never been able to consider Panasonic a camera company. I did buy and try the DMC-L1 and the 14-40 lens. Loved the lens, was passive on the camera. Never...
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    Camera Topics Re: Help Please with Sigma DP1 problem

    The Sigma cameras at that time used a different sensor technology than almost all other cameras. The technology was called "Foveon" for the sensor, which treated the colors red, green, and blue at...
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    Chit Chat Re: photo: Corvair

    My Corvair Stories....

    My "bud" in college had a Corvair coupe (two door) previous body style. The one shown was far preferrable to the earlier boxy style.

    The affectionate name for ALL...
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