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    Lens Topics Re: 12-60mm vs 14-54mm

    I had the 14-54, tried the 12-60, and that was what my testing showed, really a toss-up. The extra 2mm is nice -- it does make a difference -- but in the end I like the smaller size and lighter...
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    Camera Topics Re: Wierd thing with E-M5 vs GX7 IQ - links to RAWs added

    Here are links to the RAWs for anyone who is interested.
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    Micro 4/3 Re: which is a better camera/lens combo?

    Like they did with the old OMs - pro OM-1, -2, -3, -4 (and variants like OM-2s); consumer OM-10, -20, -30, -40
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    Camera Topics Re: Wierd thing with E-M5 vs GX7 IQ

    Yes, that was what I thought. But while the GX7 files do sharpen up nicely, it is at the expense of more noise, and of course, I also can sharpen up the OMD files, so they stay ahead of the Panny. ...
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    Micro 4/3 Re: which is a better camera/lens combo?

    I would go for the E-M5 plus 12-50, which I think will be pretty close to the IQ of the 14-54 except in demanding situations (tho I have not done the comparison myself). I would wait and see what...
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    Camera Topics Wierd thing with E-M5 vs GX7 IQ

    I picked up a Panasonic GX7 in December since I really like the absence of the faux prism hump, and indeed, the camera is laid out and handles very nicely, much better in hand than the E-M5. ...
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    Chit Chat Re: GX7 ... thots and such

    Godfrey, how would you say the GX7 EVF compares with the E-M5 EVF if you have a basis for comparison?
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    Digital Darkroom Re: Lightroom Question

    Same experience as John. Although LR will create a backup of the cataolog before converting, my practice is to make a backup and stash that somewhere before going head with the conversion and the...
  9. Camera Topics Re: E-M5 users, need help quickly (can't stop auto-scrolling in Live Control view)

    Well I took a look at the camera last night (the borrower had returned it to my wife, and could not replicate the wierd behavior the borrower was seeing, so who knows what was going on. Thanks for...
  10. Camera Topics Re: E-M5 users, need help quickly (can't stop auto-scrolling in Live Control view)

    Yes, that's how it usually moves, and I wondered about that. Unfortunately I'm trying to troubleshoot over the phone with the person who borrowed the camera to shoot some video. Thanks for the idea.
  11. Camera Topics E-M5 users, need help quickly (can't stop auto-scrolling in Live Control view)

    All of a sudden in movie mode (selected via the mode dial on the left), when I hit the OK button to go into Live Control view, the cursor is autoscrolling down through the column of functions at the...
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    Camera Topics Re: Just pre-ordered the E-M1

    If I wasn't still struggling to pay off the D800E and 24-70 f2.8 (will be done by end of Oct, phew!), I would be preordering something. I think the combination of rumored weaker or no AA filter in...
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    Camera Topics Re: Come on is it real?

    I would love to have one of these, but I still haven't paid down my last GAS attack :whistle:
  14. FS: MMF-3 4/3 to m4/3 adapter, FL-50 Flash - BOTH SOLD

    Olympus MMF-3 4/3 to m4/3 adapter in like new condition. Selling since I
    sold all my 4/3 glass. Hi res photos at 4/3 to Micro 4/3 adapter $90
    shipped in the U.S.

    Olympus FL-50 flash, excellent...
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    Digital Darkroom Re: Adobe CS and the %&#%&%# Cloud

    Fortunately, like Godfrey I do most of my editing in Lightroom. I will open the image in Photoshop if I have to do something that requires more precise masking than I can get with the LR adjustment...
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    Camera Topics Re: My Cake and Eating it Too!

    Clint, I thought that if you had playback toggled to the LED (you toggle between LED and EVF playback by hitting the button by the VF hump during playback) that's where the instant review image would...
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    Camera Topics Re: I want my cake and able to eat it too.

    Clint, I have both the E-M5 and the D800E. I really really like shooting with the OM-D, it's so easy to carry, and the image quality is just amazing for that sensor, plus I like having the extra DOR...
  18. Camera Topics Re: Interest in an inexpensive entre into Large Format....

    Sorta cool, but I'd go for an old speed graphic myself so I could cam the lenses and use the rangefinder. Still, it's a super idea.
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    Chit Chat Free BLS5 clone

    I found my misplaced no-name BLS5 battery, it worked fine in my E-PL2, been cycled only 4 times or so. I no longer have the E-PL2, so it's free to the first person who reponds in this thread with a...
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    Digital Darkroom Re: Olympus Viewer 3

    I don't think camera manufacturers should bother with raw development software at all. Every single offering from all the manufacturers is pathetic. Standardize on an industry-wide DNG format and...
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    Chit Chat Sweet E-M5 reunion

    Since I got the D800E, the OM-D mainly stays in the closet since for casual snaps I carry the RX-100. But I went to the Descanso Gardens with the wife today and took the OM-D since I knew I would...
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    Camera Topics Re: E-M5 file numbering

    Wierd, I'm sure I had a card in the camera when I set up my file naming. BTW, if I recall correctly, there are separate naming schemes for sRBG and AdobeRGB, perhaps you were editing the name for...
  23. Camera Topics Re: Still testing the different pastures

    I did not have any beefs with the E-5 focusing, nor do I with the D800E focusing, but I do not tax autofocus. I will say that Oly is ahead of Canon and Nikon in allowing AF tuning of each focusing...
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    Camera Topics Re: E-5 vs E-m5 photo quality/preference?

    The thing I really noticed going from the E-5 to the E-M5 was the increased dynamic range. It was quite striking and a godsend to me. Optical quality between the lenses (14-54 MkII & Panny X 14-42...
  25. Chit Chat Interesting news from Canon - DSLR the size of the E-620

    Canon announced the APS-C Rebel SL1 DSLR, which is a little smaller than the E-620 in width and height but about 1/2" deeper. Canon unveils EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 world's smallest and lightest APS-C...
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