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    Re: Want to Buy: SHV-1 Connector Cable

    A couple years ago I probably spent a month searching for that cord, almost ready to give up I located them at Luton Camera UK. I just did a check with Luton and they do still have this cord...
  2. Re: Olympus SHV-1 Super High Voltage battery packand the FP-1 Flash Power Grip

    Hi haven't been on this site in awhile so just noticed your month old message. The sunpak replacement battery appears to be the same as the Olympus, fits and works the same. As for number of shots I...
  3. Re: Olympus SHV-1 Super High Voltage battery packand the FP-1 Flash Power Grip

    Link to battery that is the same as the Oly and works just fine
  4. Re: Olympus SHV-1 Super High Voltage battery packand the FP-1 Flash Power Grip

    FYI I purchased a refurished shv-1 from Olympus but let it set for almost six months before I used it on a wedding. Long story short my battery died near the end of the reception, having waited to...
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    Re: FS - Zuiko 35-100, F2 OBOO

    It's sad to see the day come when someone isn't jumping all over a fine lens like this at a steal of a price. I sold mine to fund a daughters wedding and have had to rent several times for client...
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    Chit Chat Re: I am no longer a photographer

    Thanks for this link this guy expresses my feelings well.
  7. Re: FS: Sigma 50-500mm Lens for Four-Thirds 4/3 (BIGMA)

    These are usually snatched up within hours in the $1100 range on fleabay. It took me months to finally land one, good luck should sell fairly quickly.
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    Re: Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG - MUST SELL

    I have a sever case of lens lust for this just wish I was able to take it off your hands
  9. Re: FL-50r, SHV-01, BN-01 batteries, BK-01 Flash bracket, and Olympus hot shoe cord

    Both B&H and Adorama have these batteries brand new for $115 with free shipping. Olympus announced a few months ago that the shv-01 was being discontinued but they would still support it with the...
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    Business Topics Re: Domain name registration

    Zenfolio is worth checking out also, they have very clear easy to follow details in how to set up your own domain to work with their service. I believe Zen is also free to start but has a few...
  11. Wildlife Re: Big Fish - My customer had a great day today!

    Wow that is a beautiful King, I've taken up river fishing only a couple of years ago and still haven't landed one, frustrating!
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