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    Landscape/Outdoors ** Farewell SGH 14-35mm **

    I snapped few images using 14-35mm lens for a potential buyer earlier this evening. I will miss edge to edge sharpness and many other feature and benefits of a great product.
    Farewell SGH 14-35mm...
  2. Re: ** FS E 30 $425.00 , 14-35mm $1,700.00 ** REDECUED**

    Thank you, S. 14-35mm will be shipped first thing tomorrow morning.
  3. ** FS E 30 $425.00 , 14-35mm $1,700.00 ** REDECUED**


    Hi everyone,

    I am left with few E System items, I would like to sell before heading out to shoot Summer Games in London. I will pay...
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