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    Re: How useful are the monster teles?

    This sounds like another one of your amazing projects that I must have missed. Could you post a link to the writeup?
  2. Precedent for lack of pre-release information on E-3?

    I keep hearing rumours that the E-3 and 12-60mm lens will be available by September or October, but Olympus steadfastly refuses to release any details on either. On the other hand, there has been a...
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    Accessories Re: Olympus FP-1 Power Flash Grip

    I really like mine because if the greatly improved flash cycle time. It also impresses my customers when I walk in with this huge flash rig for taking insurance photos.

    On the downside, the...
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    Re: Anybody else excited...??

    I'm not excited because I already have the 50-200mm and 1.4TC, which makes for a 70-280mm f/4-5 weather sealed lens with very high IQ vs. a 70-300mm f/4-5.6 non-weather sealed lens of indeterminate...
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    Re: 17mm Shift Lens for 4/3

    Bravo! You continually amaze me Jens!

    So now that the Canon adaptall adapter is modified and mounted to your shift platform, can you put any Canon lens on it? Could you take the same idea and...
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    Re: Scene modes on a Pro DSLR

    I wouldn't use them, but it wouldn't bother me if they were on the camera. They would be just as easy to ignore on the DSLR as they are on my compact. If it made the camera more accessible to the...
  7. Re: Help! E-1's not recognizing lenses


    Thanks for saving me two weeks without my camera! The contacts looked clean, but I tried the cleaning you suggested, and it improved the situation so that all but my 14-42 lens worked. ...
  8. Re: Help! E-1's not recognizing lenses

    The 50-200mm repair order said they replaced the contact block.

    No, I don't hold the release button in when I change lenses.

    Currently, these lenses are not recognized:...
  9. Troubleshooting of E-1's not recognizing lenses

    My E-1 seems to have lost the ability to recognize my lenses. They won't focus, and the camera won't adjust the aperture. Is there any way to service the lens contacts?

    When this problem first...
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    Re: A Bunch of OM 50/1.4 Questions!

    I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the release cable. I have the IR control as well, but for macro work the cable is much more convenient because you can keep your hands behind the camera to activate...
  11. Re: Zuiko 35mm vs. Zuiko 50mm vs. Sigma 105mm

    I found one of the relevant threads with jebir's posts:
  12. Re: Zuiko 35mm vs. Zuiko 50mm vs. Sigma 105mm

    I'm going to put in a plug for the 50-200mm lens. This lens fits your criteria of being useful in other situations such as weddings. It's a great portrait lens with a reasonably fast autofocus. ...
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    Re: Is there any point to a tele-converter?

    I'd like to add one point to the discussion since you mentioned you are a newb. I have the 50-200mm with EC-14 and E-1. The combo is capable of taking some great pictures. I know because I've seen...
  14. Bag for camera & flash bracket combo?

    Is there any kind of protective bag you can use when you want to keep the E-1, FL-50, & flash bracket all set up without having to tear it down to store it? When the camera is actually paying for...
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    Re: help! dropped FL-50 & flash bracket

    I thought I would put in a good word for Olympus Customer Service. UPS picked up the package Monday afternoon, and 7 days later FedEx was knocking on my door with a brand new FL-50 and brand new...
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    Re: Some intresting observation

    It's the first time the official four thirds site has been updated with the new info, and I believe this is the first time I have seen that the 70-300 is a macro with 1x magnification. That should...
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    help! dropped FL-50 & flash bracket

    My E-1, grip, flash grip, FL-50, & 7-14mm dropped out of the floorboard of my van when I opened the door and landed on concrete. The E-1 & 7-14mm seem fine, but the FL-50 broke a couple of screw...
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    Re: Who wants the E400 AF in their E1?

    I used to do firmware for pacemakers, and the problem with tweaks like this isn't the actual software change, which probably wouldn't take more than a week of somebody's time. The problem is that...
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    Re: Clues to timing of E-Pro & new lenses

    They're not updating it weekly. Obviously they have plans of updating. Monthly updates make the most sense. As I pointed out, monthly updates make the IS writeup lineup with the release of the...
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    Clues to timing of E-Pro & new lenses

    This site went live in March:

    both episodes in the first group apparently went live simultaneously, and nothing new has been released in over...
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    Re: DSLR Satisfaction Ratings....smirk!!!!!

    Reading that other site's reviews of Olympus cameras, you would never guess that so many consumers could possibly be so happy with them.
  22. Re: Digital SLR User MAG explores the world of Four Thirds

    That's a very impressive demo of the antishake capability that we will hopefully be seeing on the E-510 and E-Pro. One of the complaints I have heard about in-body IS is that it doesn't stabilize...
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    Re: Sigma 200-500mm F2.8 reality check

    There's a little more info on this lens in the video over at Imaging Resource.

    The sales rep is saying that the plan is to put it...
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    Re: Sigma 200-500mm F2.8 reality check

    This article gives the weight as 14kg/30 pounds. The length is "about a metre".
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    Re: Switched De-Noise Software

    One of my favorite things about Noiseware is the new filesize after you process. My E-1 JPG's go from 3.5MB to 500-800K, once all the high frequency noise information is removed. I've taken to...
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