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Thread: \"Oly a la Carte\" anyone ?

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    Default \"Oly a la Carte\" anyone ?

    Hey Girls & Guys,

    Check out the \"Leica a la Carte\" (Link Below)

    After fantasizing for a few minutes as to my perfect Leica, I thought would it not be cool if Oly offered this service for the future E-X...

    How many of you would spend an extra $300-800 to customize your new E-X?

    I especially liked the options of

    -Matte/Chrome finish
    -Leather trim colour
    -Signature engraving on back of camera


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    Default Re:"Oly a la Carte" anyone ?

    Leica, I have owned ~ 111f, M3, M6 & now R6.2. These cameras are lifetime keepers\"
    No chips/sensors, just the metering module. My R6.2 is 10 years old and I expect it to last another 10 at least, lenses, well my 90mm is 15 years old, 28 & 50 new with camera.
    Will our Es be going and usable in 2015? Here is my choice M [img size=432][/img]

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